Are you moving from NYC to Las Vegas soon and you need some advice for this long-distance relocation? If you do, make sure to be fully prepared, because moving cross country, will be hard, exhausting, and stressful. Before you tell your friends that you are moving, learn how to move with ease. Having a simple moving guide will help you a lot, as well as creating a moving checklist. This way your relocation will be organized.

Tips for people moving from NYC to Las Vegas

When moving to Nevada, take time to make an educated decision, including if you should do it right now or wait. Talk to people who moved to Las Vegas from NYC and ask them about their experience and opinion. Write down all the pros and cons of this relocation – is it yay or nay. If you have decided to move, then here are some 3 main steps to take.

#1 Hire long-distance moving company

When moving from one state to another, transporting all your items may be very difficult. So, for moving your furniture to LV and to transport everything to a new home make sure to hire a reliable and experienced moving company. Search online, ask for recommendations, read online moving reviews, contact a few movers, compare their services, and choose the best option for you.

Ask sign on a building.
Before moving, ask for advice and search for tips and trick to make relocation easier

The distance between New York City and Las Vegas is around 2,600 miles which is a lot. Only experienced movers will be able to handle this with ease. It is highly recommended to hire a moving company for these types of relocations.

#2 Research the real estate market in Las Vegas

Where you will live after moving from NYC to Las Vegas? To be fully prepared for long-distance moving you should first choose a neighborhood in LV where you want to live and then research a real estate market. How much money you can spend on housing and also other bills, for example.

A checklist when moving from NYC to Las Vegas.
Create a checklist and a timeline when moving from NYC to Las Vegas

Housing in Las Vegas is cheaper but still, you need to prepare your finances. Make a budget, not only for relocation but also for rent, utilities, changing documents, etc. If you are able, visit LV before moving there and see potential homes before moving.

#3 Pack as soon as possible

Packing is a task that will take you most of the time when moving. In most cases, people start packing one month bore the final moving day. Since you are moving from NYC to Las Vegas, you won’t need a lot of winter clothing, for example. Don’t wait until the last moment to pack, because it won’t be the only thing you need to finish before moving. Pack by yourself, hire professional packers, or ask friends and family to help you out.

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