Alabama is a fascinating state located in the southeastern region of the United States. The population is around 4 million. This state is also known as The Yellowhammer State, The Heart of Dixie and The Cotton State. Alabama is famous for its natural resources, some of them are iron and steel. If you were thinking about moving to Alabama, you should know that this country has a lot to offer. Alabama has a lot of places which you should visit. Some of them are Dauphin Island, Noccalula Falls Park, Cheaha State Park, Orange Beach and more. But what should you know and do before you move here? Reading this article is going to answer some of your questions.

Make your plan before moving to Alabama

Since you have decided to start a new life in Alabama, you should know that there is a big road in front of you. If you want to cut off that road and make it a little bit shorter you have to make a moving plan list. But to be sure, you should also make a plan B. You never know if things are going to be the way you want them to. If you want to move to Alabama easily and without stress, you should hire a licensed mover. Comparing moving companies and choosing the right one will provide you with a lot more time to prepare for the move and accept the idea that you are changing your home location.

A typical general store you will get used to after moving to Alabama.

Hopefully, moving to Alabama is going to be a nice experience.

Packing for the move

As we all know, this is going to take a lot of your time. And time is very important when it comes to relocating to some other place. So what should you do to pack properly and yet fast? You need to label your items, mark them by category, check if you have some big boxes, put your items in them, and protect them in case some of the items are breakable. If you have a lot of stuff to pack, you could ask your friends or kids to help you with the packing, so that everything could go a little bit faster.

A man carrying a lot of cardboard boxes.

Packing is vital for every relocation.

Choosing the right moving company when moving to Alabama

If you were thinking about moving yourself, you should know that it is going to be much harder than you think since you don’t have any experience in it. But on the other hand, there is always an option of hiring a moving company. That’s why it is important to choose the right company which will help you with your relocating process. Hiring movers is one of the best solutions for your time-saving. Therefore, when you are about to hire a relocating company, you have to pay attention to some of the following things:

  • Every moving company needs to have a license, no matter how professional its staff seems.
  • Choose about 4-5 companies and compare them.
  • Try to find some recommendation from family or friends. That’s always useful when you are picking a moving company.
  • When you are moving to Alabama check out if the company’s address is verified.
  • Also, search companies online and explore some useful moving tricks online.

Costs of living

As we know, every relocation has its own costs, no matter where you move. So what should you do to make them a little more reasonable?

One of the best thing which you should do is to make a budget list and to try to stick to it. You should also know that if you have a family or you are a student, your costs are going to be different. So, we should start with the most important things: rent and the costs of living in the place you choose to live in.

Rent in Alabama

This is one of the most important things when it comes to moving to some other country. Rent can be various, which depends on some of the things such as: where do you want to live, if it is an urban neighborhood, how big or small your apartment is going to be, and the utility costs. For example, monthly rent for 85 m2 furnished accommodation in the expensive area would cost you $1.150, while monthly rent costs for a 45m2 furnished studio in a normal area should be $620. Utilities for a month in 45 m2 are $150. Be sure to calculate everything before the relocation process, because that is one of the most crucial things. If you are moving with your kids, you should also tell them, that things are going to change, but in a good way. Make that conversation positive in case that they are scared or nervous.

Job Market

Based on employment rate, job, and business growth, Alabama is a great opportunity for you, if you were thinking about finding a new job when relocating. Intergraph Corporation, Griffon Aerospace, and Grounded Coffee are some of the choices which you could reconsider before taking an action.

A woman sitting at a desk and writing in her notebook.

It is very important to calculate everything before making a decision.

Culture in Alabama

All places have some different cultures. Beauty, history, and culture are the synonyms for Alabama. Relocating to Alabama is going to give you a lot of family experience and that’s the good thing to remember. Exploring the new state, in this case, Alabama is the faster way to get to know that country. After you move to Alabama, you have to try their cuisine. You could try some of their most popular dishes. Some of them are Fried Catfish, Banana Pudding, Fried Dill Pickles Buttermilk Biscuits, and Sausage gravy. These mouthwatering dishes will just add up to the positive experience after moving to Alabama is finally over.

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