Is it better to buy or lease office space in Queens? No one will know the answer to this question better than you but we can help you in making a pro and con list. That will help you see things more clearly and make the decision-making process easier for you. We will also show you how to relocate to your new office and who can help you because no matter what you decide relocation will be your next step. Now that we told you what we will discuss today we can start our journey.

Buying office space in Queens is an investment

Buying office space in any part of NYC is a great investment and it will only be worth more over the years. There is no higher in demand city than this one and pretty much every business wants to make it here so there will always be a demand for the office space. And Queens is a pretty popular borough so you know that your investment will pay off in time but buying it is a whole different story.

The prices

As you well know, all the prices in NYC are high. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an apartment or an office space you will need quite a sum to get it. Even if you have enough money for it you will still need plenty of time until you get your real estate because as we already said this is a high-in-demand area and everybody is trying to get here. You are not the only one looking. Of course, the prices can vary a lot depending on the neighborhood, the state of the office, and its size. We suggest you take a look at real estate websites like Zillow to get a better picture of current prices. When figuring out your budget, don’t forget to consider the moving budget for your office relocation.

Money in a suitcase you will need for office space in Queens
The prices in New York are pretty high.

Why is leasing office space in Queens a good idea

There are a few reasons why leasing is a better idea than buying and we will show you a few now :

  • it’s cheaper
  • you can change the location whenever you feel like it
  • the property is not yours which means if something happens it’s up to the owner to fix it
  • if you need to expand your business, you can just find a bigger place to rent
  • you always have the option of subletting

The prices

Now let’s see what you can expect when it comes to money. Well, this is NYC so you can expect to pay approximately $78 per square foot (per year) but since this is Queens and not Manhattan, maybe it will be more like $60 per square foot (per year). In Brooklyn, you can expect the price to be somewhere at $70. Those are the prices for really nice offices, there are lower prices for the places that are not as polished. You can always find those and do some work on your own to make the place more comfortable for you and your team.

You will need some help to find the right office space in Queens no matter what you decide

This is something you need to know no matter what you decide to buy or lease. You will need to find a reliable (and local) realtor to help you to find a perfect office space in Queens. The reason why we say local is because it’s always smart to have someone who knows the area well. Talk to your relator maybe they will have a piece of good advice about your dilemma. Talk to them about everything even about the office layout you want. But as we said already the decision needs to be yours. It’s fine asking for advice but you are the one who is paying and dealing with everything that comes with the decision.

Hiring a realtor to find the right office space in Queens
Hiring a realtor will make a huge difference.

If you decide to buy

If you decide to buy there are ways you can save some money. Experts claim that the winter is the ideal time to buy real estate in NYC because the demand is at its lowest at that time and so are the prices. So, maybe you can wait a couple of months. Another great way to save some money is to find a fixes-upper get it at a good price and do the necessary work and remodeling by yourself. There is a third way – buy a place in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Especially if you think you might be selling a place in the future. If you need some storage while remodeling your new office space, you can always call Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC.

Moving to your new office

This will be a huge deal – moving to your new office space in Queens. That means you made it and soon enough you will start your business there. But before you can do it you need to move in, unpack and settle in. For that, you should consider hiring professionals to help you. Reach out to specialists from Queens so you can do this quickly. This way you will start this exciting part of your life quickly. Commercial movers can do everything for you, all you need to do is call them and tell them everything that you need so you can start working as soon as possible.

A professional mover making notes about cardboard moving boxes.
Movers will be able to help you.

Making pro and con list

Some people make fun of those lists but this is a great way to see everything from a different perspective. Write down everything you are thinking about and when you see it there all black and white you will know if it’s better for you to buy or lease office space in Queens. Chances are – you already know the answer.

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