New York City is the city full of clubs, bars, restaurants, and amazing nightlife. And, what about places for kids and family? Do not worry, moving to NYC with family is possible. It has also good schools, family-friendly amenities, parks, etc. You have to make a big decision, so do it right and consider all the facts. These are things you should know before you move to NYC and start a new life there.

                            Moving to NYC is a big step. So, you need to prepare you and your family for it.

Best neighborhoods in NYC for families

First, you should choose a neighborhood to raise your family. What to consider when you are moving with kids?

  • A good school or kindergarten for kids is one of the most important things to check in the neighborhood
  • Safety of the neighborhood is a major factor. A place you will live must be safe with no crime rate.
  • When you are moving to NYC with family, you must think about places for their playing.
  • You will visit family-friendly amenities with kids. So, do a research about what you can visit with them.
  • Affordability is a major factor for most of the families, especially because NYC is very expensive.

These are the best neighborhoods for families in NYC based on safety, education, parks, and price.

Battery Park City

This neighborhood is one of the best New York City for families and children. Why? Because it has a low crime rate, excellent schools and at the same time a good nightlife for the parents. The population is about 16,000 (22% are children) so everyone knows each other. 80 percent of the population is renting an apartment, and the average rent is $2,960. A median household income is $184,390. It has a lot of parks and school, which is great.


It is a neighborhood which is good for families. The population is 7,550. Rent is cheaper than in the Battery Park City, it is about $1,550 and 58% of the population here is renting a place. It is safe because it has a low crime rate and the schools are amazing. A median household income is about $99,000. The environment is great, and your family will love it, for sure.  

Brooklyn Heights

The population of Brooklyn Heights is 24,145. When it comes to costs and money, a median rent is $2,120 and a median household income is $121,340.  It has a lot of public schools and two private schools. It is a beautiful place, with many great landmarks. A quiet and safe place with a lot of shops and restaurants. It not just a family-friendly, it is also a pet-friendly and bike friendly. Visit Brooklyn Heights and see what it can offer you and your family too.


Tribeca is near to Battery Park City and it is also a great place for families. Moving to NYC with family is not a simple job to do. You are not responsible just for you anymore. You must think about many different things. Tribeca has it all. A good life for grown up and kids at the same time. A population is 17,155 and 20 percent of them are children. A median household income is $212,125 and a rent for an apartment is $2,900.

How to prepare for moving to NYC with family – prepare your kids?

Moving can be so stressful for your kids too. So, because of that, you need to prepare them and talk. They are sensitive not matter how old they are. When you find out that you are moving, tell your kids and be open and honest. How to prepare them and to help? These are some simple tips to help them.

If your kid is sad, then try to cheer him/her up. It is normal for them to be upset and sad and your job is to prepare them.

Emotional needs of your kids

Of course, you do not want to see your kid or kids sad. But, when you tell them that you are moving they will probably be sad because they do not love changes. They also have routines just like you do.  Small kids usually throw tantrums. And adolescent kids can become introverted or they can act out. Anyway, it both cases, no matter how old they are, you must explain to them.

Throw a party before moving to NYC with family

Moving is a reason to celebrate even if you are leaving your friends. But, do not forget, your kids leaving them too. So, tell them they can have a party and to invite all of their friends from the street and from the school. That is how they will be excited. Make for them NY decorations. You can also throw a farewell party. You are moving to the most interesting city in the world so, celebrate it.

Plan activities with kids in NYC after moving

Make a Disneyland from the NYC. Spend time with your family and plan fun activities. Take them to this amazing city and they will be so happy and excited. New York City has a zoo, parks, museums, Farris Wheel…the list is long. Ask them what they want to visit, and they can do a research before you move. You kids will accept the change that is happening after those fun things, for sure.

                                                                Have fun with your family, it is a reason to celebrate!

Now, when you know which neighborhood to choose and your kids are prepared, you can start planning other important kids. Moving to NYC with family is an amazing experience for you and for them too. Take your chance and go. Good luck with moving and we hope that we helped you with these simple tips.

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