Moving your business can never be easy. Things get to be even complicated and difficult when moving to New York City. Moving to one of the busiest cities in the world can be somewhat challenging but it can be very beneficial for your business. If you are moving from Florida it will be a complete change. So, what is important when moving your business from Florida to NY?

Long-distance move

Well, we aren’t talking about a fast – local move. It’s a long-distance relocation that has to be planned in detail. Long-distance moving always presents great stress and work. The stress is even bigger when you are moving your whole company. In such cases you need a good and detailed plan, help from all involved like workers and colleagues and professional help is crucial especially in a state to state move. Choosing the right movers is imperative. Make sure you hire movers that:

  • Licensed,
  • Insured and provide insurance,
  • Well-equipped and experienced, 
  • Fast, efficient and secure
  • Flexible.  

How to plan your move properly?

The plan for a move is critical and has to be made well in advance. You have to prepare and prepare your workers for the move. You need to get a lot of moving supplies. Make sure you move your hq with professional help since professionals can help you a lot in the preparation process. One piece of the advice they provide is to shed weight by leaving some things behind. Most companies and household owners accumulate a lot of stuff they don’t need. During the move, they become a burden, unnecessary expense and a waste of time. So, prior to moving its important to make an inventory and get rid of some of the stuff you own. 

Packing for a long-distance move is also important. Packing important documentation, archive and furniture must be very well done. Especially when we talk about electronics like computers, monitors, printers, and servers packing for protection and security is critical. Finding movers that offer that kind of service and including them at this stage can be very beneficial because of their experience and expert knowledge. The risk of damage can be greatly decreased and the stress with it. 

Underground train.

Moving your business from Florida to NY can put you on the fast track.

Finding the right office prior to moving your business from Florida to NY

When moving to NY it is critical to find the right offices. Moving without a clear decision and preparation of the new offices is impossible. Given that we are talking about NY it is clear that the decision of the new business location is important. The biggest benefit from moving is the customer base you can gain and you have to be conveniently located and easily available. The location decision will significantly impact the monthly cost so be very careful about it. Analyze the boroughs carefully and decide, there are five to choose from. Once you have the location you can decide on the move and the moving planes.  

Notify your customers

Notify your existing customer base of the changes. Set the date for the start of operation at a new location and try to ease existing customers into the change. It is important to make this transition seamless so that customers don’t have any negative experience or problem from it. This is the best way to preserve your existing customer base and hopefully within it trough the new market you define in NY.

Disruption in your business

However you go about it, the move of your business will certainly cause a major disruption. The move will take some time to organize, plan, pack and execute. It will not happen overnight so be prepared to push it through with consistency and speed. Once it has been done it won’t just continue as before. It is estimated that the disruption will last for as long as a month so don’t expect any business at that period of time. Setting up a new shop will take that long, which means making connections, adapting to the new business surroundings, getting in touch with the market and getting recognized. 

A clock.

Disruption due to a move is inevitable, but be efficient or your business will suffer.

As it will take some time, be prepared to wait it out and sail through the tough times. You can also try to decrease the time needed to get back on track trough some clever marketing. The use of social networks and advertising efforts can cut that time significantly. You can use clever marketing in an online campaign to inform your market of the changes that will happen and prepare the new market and potential customers for your arrival. Such a preparation in advance will cause a much easier transition from Florida to NY and may have a pool of customers waiting for you when you finish your reallocation

To make sure the disruption doesn’t create a burden for your ongoing projects and activities try to make the transition seamless. Make sure that your IT and other equipment is available immediately after the move, make sure that the data and documents employees need are available and protected so they can honor their obligations to customers. 

Moving your business from Florida to NY is going to be an expense

The cost of a long-distance relocation can be high. Many companies, however, consider those expenses and go through with it because the potential benefits are greater. The customer base, the presence in a large, diverse and changing market can be beneficial. These markets offer a lot off new opportunities that do not present themselves elsewhere. So, the expense and cost of such a move can be well worth it. If you apply the tips for hiring reliable movers in FL and choose a professional and efficient moving company, those expenses can be considerably less burdening. 

On the other hand, the expenses of working in a market such as NY can also be intimidating. Rent and tax cost can seem overwhelming but the market can have its own magnetic pull. If you take into account the incentives that NY offer to small and medium enterprises it can be well worth the effort since NY really tries to alleviate the burden on small business.

Heavy Traffic you will have to deal with after moving your business from Florida to NY.

NY requires getting used to it.

Conclusion on moving your business from Florida to NY

Whatever the reasons for your long-distance relocation to NY from Florida may be, make sure to analyze it to detail. Try to study some tips on relocation to New York, and weigh the pros and cons of such a decision. Make sure that you analyze the moving market and what it has to offer. The predominant motivation for such a move is financial and an attempt of using the opportunities that the NY market has to offer but you must be clever, rational and resolute about it. 

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