Sometimes it is necessary to move very old people. Moving very old people is not an easy task, but some life processes cannot simply be bypassed. Housing problems sometimes do not overlook even the oldest people who do not rejoice them at all, but they really hate them so much. But it happens and sometimes it is necessary. Whether for some reason, such as the danger of a natural disaster, the construction of an industrial plant, the construction of a free-way or anything similar, people have to move from their habitats, whether they are young, old or very old. Often it is a health reason, looking for a better place to live in relation to health. So, they retired many years ago and they meant that they are in their retirement place for good, but the problems are coming without an announcement.

Moving Very Old People – Problems

We will consider moving very old people and their relocation problems. Very old people usually do not have too many valuable things but they have too many things that are valuable to them. Do not ignore this fact and do not look at it with misunderstanding. Their attachment to certain things that have been with them for years may not mean anything to anyone, but they mean a lot to them. For the oldest people and their relocation, it is best to hire a moving company and make a solid resettlement agreement and emphasize all these things with special personal value.

Temporary Accommodation

The best solution for such old people when moving is to provide temporary accommodation for several days until everything is over. The relocation should be supervised by someone, whether it is a family member if any, or someone they will hire as a supervisory authority. In the end, if they think that they are secured by a contract with a moving company, it can be enough.

Moving Very Old People – Medical Care

Old man

Old man

The great influence on the relocation process itself is the health condition of people who are moving. It is necessary to provide medical supervision in the extent to elderly health condition requires. Sometimes it is only enough to take medication regularly, and sometimes this will require more serious engagement.

What to Do

So for moving  very old people, you have to provide a few important things:

  • The most important thing is to take care of very old people,
  • medical care (medications and medical staff if necessary),
  • temporary residence until the relocation is completed,
  • moving company,
  • part of the contract on valuable personal belongings,
  • part of the contract on temporary relocation,
  • insurance,
  • if the place of resettlement is far-reaching, it is necessary to ensure the transport of elderly persons with maximum comfort in accordance with their health status,
  • if very old people who are moving are immobile persons it is necessary to provide a wheelchair or to prepare their personal wheelchair for moving, if any. Also, everything from medical equipment (oxygen bottles, infusion holders, containers, sterilizers or anything similar) that is necessary, for the elderly must always be close to them, therefore, with them in a temporary residence.
  • Moving very old people

    Crossed old woman’s hands

Moving Very Old People – Plan

Of course, it is always necessary to make a plan and organization of moving. This one is not a normal move because these are two movements in one. One is temporary and the other is permanent and both of them requires a lot of attention. Old people can be both insulting and unpleasant, but they are just very old people who need to move because of necessity. But if you are convincing enough, you can make them sure that their relocation will go well, and many of those unpleasant and insulting words will disappear from their side. In them, you can see your grandmother or grandfather or even mother and father, so be tactical and it will be easier for all.

Moving Very Old People – Packing

Okay, you moved the very old people to their temporary residence and you start packing. In this move, those who are moving do not participate, and they can’t say what to do. This must and will be done by someone else; relatives, friends who are willing to do it or a moving company as foreseen by the contract. As we have already pointed out. There are things of personal value that one has to deal with special care, whether it is an old armchair or a faded painting on the wall. It is possible that some of the things, you will pack, may never be needed by those old people who are moving. But you never know. Therefore, you have necessary to be very careful about them as if it were artistic values. It doesn’t mean that with other things you may be careless.

There is joy in all ages

There is joy in all ages


When you loaded everything into a transport vehicle, you took it to a new place of residence. Attention must be no less than when you were loading. When you bring things into this new place of residence, it would be very good to arrange them in the way they were ordered by old people who are now in temporary residence. If they have not determined it in any way, it is best to sort things out in the way that is most closely arranged in the old place of residence. You can accomplish that by taking photos in the old residence and then sort them by a similar order. This doesn’t mean that with other things you may be careless. Very old people will be grateful because they don’t like to make great changes in their homes.


The world is a very lively place. Movements are a permanent thing, but moving very old people is not so common. Young people are not aware of how old age is tough. And the relocation of these very old people is particularly hard because they are, apart from being old often and very sick people. That is why all those who involve in this kind of moving these people must be very careful and patient. And these old and helpless people will be grateful to you.

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