Why has a large number of individuals and families been moving out of Chicago lately? Reasons behind people moving out of Chicago are most often social and financial. Absence of financial interest in Chicago neighborhoods, the high crime rate in some neighborhoods, as well as the absence of employment and occupation training are just some of the factors that force people to leave. Also, the number one reason is inefficient and poorly structured taxations.

Making a decision about moving out of Chicago

Illinois’ percentage of outbound moves is the second highest in the nation, just below New Jersey. If you are among the people who have decided to move to another place, think twice and think well. When you are definitely sure this is what you want, get ready for the most important step. It is time to start looking for moving companies in Chicago, like Wolley Movers Chicago which has helped numerous people successfully so far. Get affordable and professional household moving services from these professionals who can relocate both your home and your office.

Calm water surface of a river in Chicago and some beautiful bulidings - moving out of Chicago may be difficult

Making the decision to move is one of the most important decisions in one’s life.

Find a new home before moving out of Chicago

There are many variables involved when you are making a decision about your new place to live. Will it be an urban, suburban, or a rural place? Moreover, what about the neighborhood,  surrounding landscape, transportation means, and traffic in general? Are natural disasters common where you are planning to move? What are the most prominent jobs in the area? Can you earn a decent living? Are you going to rent or to buy a place to live? Are there any specific rules and regulations? What kind of people live there, demographically speaking? With all these things in your mind, it may be very difficult to make the choice. For example, should you decide to move out of Arlington, you need to find a new place that will help you to improve the quality of your life. Always strive for the better, of course.

Get enough information on moving preparations

Let’s say you have found the right place to live and the right moving company to hire. There is still a lot to do before moving out of Chicago. Gather all the information you can about procedures. Most likely, there will be a huge pile of documentation you will need. Also, calculate your moving expenses to be able to prepare your budget accordingly. If you are moving with children, search for tips and tricks for moving with children because you will need them. If you have any pets it will be a good thing to help your pet to deal with moving stress. Finally, but not even slightly less important, decide when you want the move to happen. Some people claim that spring is the best time, others like summer moving adventures. Think well what suits for you and then decide.

Winter in Chicago makes moving out of Chicago difficult at times

Winter in Chicago is something you will always remember.

Provide all the inventory necessary for moving out

Make your move easier with a variety of boxes of all sizes. From wardrobe boxes to heavy-duty boxes for electronics. Packing up is hard and time-consuming work. However, only if you concentrate and arrange it properly will you be able to relax when moving. Besides moving boxes, the things you will also need are:

  • Furniture sliders
  • Hand trucks and dollies
  • Moving blankets
  • Moving Straps
  • Protective packaging
  • Stretch wrap
  • Permanent markers

Inform your family, friends, and institutions about moving out of Chicago

One of the things people frequently overlook is informing all the family, friends and other important people and institutions about moving out of Chicago. Make sure you include this step in your DIY move planner too. Therefore, here is the list of some of the essential institutions that should be aware of you changing your living place.

  1. Financial institutions: Banks and credit unions, insurance companies, credit card companies, lenders, and investment brokers.
  2. Government Institutions: IRS, passport office, Department of motor vehicles, U.S. Postal service, schools, and workplaces.
  3. Utility service providers: gas, electric, phone, the Internet, cable or satellite, water and sewage, and waste disposal.
  4. Doctors and other healthcare providers: pharmacies, family doctor, veterinarian, and medical alert.
  5. Other service providers like accountants, pool services, delivery services, magazines, newspapers, and other subscriptions.
a Chicago view which makes moving out of Chicago difficult

There are some beautiful areas in Chicago.

Moving out and cleaning

Moving out and cleaning include several different tasks. These are:

  • Setting essentials aside – Set aside everything you will need the day before, during, and a few days after the day of moving out.
  • Packing your Open-first box. Your “first-aid” box with basic stuff so you don’t have to open already sealed boxes upon arrival.
  • Dealing with valuables. Pack your valuable items independently and with most extreme care. In order to do so, use the best packing supplies. It will guarantee the wellbeing of your family legacies, costly adornments, fragile work of art, and other prized things. Even get a safe box if necessary.
  • Trying to have a stress-free moving day. If everything is going according to plan you should not worry. Try to stay calm, positive and think about the pros of your actions. This way, you will be ready to face any unexpected problems along the way that might occur.
  • Cleaning your old home. One of the absolutely last activities, before you leave your home and move out of Chicago, is to give it the last, intensive cleaning. As exhausted as you might be by then, you will have to make a final effort to leave your old home in excellent condition. As a result, you will get your deposit back, if you’re leaving a leased property. Or, make your home progressively appealing to potential buyers, in case you’re selling your home.

If you manage this far you are ready for moving out of Chicago. You will miss the Windy City, but, on the positive side, your new home might be just the right place for you.

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