Moving from a city like London to a city like New York might not seem like much. They are both large, well-developed cities, after all. However, the culture, people, and way of life are all completely different and sometimes even incompatible. Still, while you will likely struggle to get used to some of the changes, there’s good news to be had! There are many unique places to visit in New York, and we want to share them with you. To help do just that, we have put together a list of places you must visit first when moving from London to NYC.


Once you’re done tidying up after your move, if you love learning and all things studious, then the following places will be perfect for you!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Beautiful and stately, the cathedral built in the neo-gothic style perfectly projects the atmosphere of quiet dignity and strength. Even for those who do not follow any religion, walking its halls is a unique experience. And this is a must-see place for those who are just visiting and those who are moving from London to NYC.

New York Public Library

This center of learning and knowledge stretches over two entire city blocks. It is not just absolutely massive and chock full of wisdom, however. The building itself is visually appealing outside and inside. And there is something to be said of its silence. Only the shuffling of paper and scratching of pens break it.

Times Square

Known internationally, Times Square is known for its beauty at night and the many interesting shops lining it. You can’t claim you have visited New York if you haven’t experienced its hecticness at least once.

Times Square you can enjoy after moving from London to NYC.
Times Square is a must-see.

The Theater District

Encompassing Broadway yet not entirely defined by it either, this is a must-visit location for any theatre lover. You can find an ongoing play at practically any point during the day. And they are all worth enjoying!

Radio City Music Hall

It is the very music hall that has seen many famous musicians and bands perform for their audience. Visiting it is the benchmark for music lovers, and an even more fantastic experience is getting to experience a performance in it.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

As one of the largest and most famous museums in the USA, The Metropolitan is well worth visiting. You are sure to find something that interests you within its walls. Be it about general history, cultural artifacts, or a specific time period.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of art is well worth visiting.


If you are looking for a good place to settle in your twenties or thirties, good restaurants and cafes are very important, so you should choose the neighborhood wisely! Here are some places you can visit regularly depending on where you end up. And which you should at least visit once!

Chelsea Market

Very close to the High Line, you can pop up to visit it while you are there! Interestingly, the name is somewhat misleading since it is actually a collection of all kinds of restaurants and shops for you to enjoy dining and window-shopping.

Little Italy

As its name implies, Little Italy is chock full of small local restaurants specializing in Italian cuisine. As long as it is Italian and food, you will be spoiled for choice! It is also a unique and interesting part of the city, well worth visiting even without the allure of good food.


Practically an entire miniature city within a city, Chinatown is connected to Little Italy. Where the two mesh, they produced a rather exciting area, but even without that, Chinatown offers many sights and unique shops. Chinese medicine, teas, food, of course, and all kinds of decorations all mesh and meld together to produce a colorful and almost dizzying mess.

Chinatown NYC
Chinatown offers many sights and unique shops.

Union Square Greenmarket

This time, an actual market! This particular place offers all kinds of different fresh food and products for you to sample and enjoy. Here, you can find an abundance of fruit and vegetables for often very affordable prices and high quality. If you want to cook for yourself and be in charge of your diet, this will be one of your favorite destinations to revisit frequently.


If you love nature, then these are the locations that will draw you in the most after moving from London to NYC! Just remember to properly greet your neighbors before running out of your new home!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

With a stunning Japanese-inspired pond garden, this fifty-two-acre area will take your breath away. It is perfect for long, dreamy walks.

Central Park

Featuring many different movies and series, there is a good reason Central Park is so famous. Its beauty and grace make it one of the most popular locations for all nature lovers living in New York.

Bryant Park

Much smaller and more private than the other two entries on our list. The park is still stunningly verdant and rich in flora, and an excellent location for picnics of any kind. You can repurpose your moving day survival kit and spend an entire day luxuriating in relaxation and distressing the park offers.

The High Line

The High Line’s name is rather literal. Converted from an old railway track looming over the city, it is now a scene of beauty and nature. It is quite an experience to walk along this odd, stretched-out park with the city under your feet.

Final Word

This marks the end of our list of places you must visit first when moving from London to NYC. Although organization and planning are crucial when preparing for a move, knowing what to expect once you arrive at your new address is also very important. This list will help you adapt fast while exploring your new home location. No matter how different, no matter how bewildering, NYC has plenty to offer. Enjoy and embrace your new home, and you are sure to find the move a rewarding experience. How can it not be, with so many new sights and destinations for you to discover and get to know?

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