yoga classes Plymouth

skinnibuddha exists to provide affordable accessible yoga and yoga therapy to the people of Plymouth. ​ In 2012 a group of us set up London’s first donation based yoga studios, in Oxford Street and Blackfriars. Men and women were able to attend yoga classes without the need to pay for monthly subscriptions or expensive prices. A community of people interested in their personal health was developing, but it was not based on income. After the success of the London project we decided to do something similar back home in Plymouth. We began teaching as a skillshare, swapping a yoga class for other skills such as graphic design, web design, plumbing, carpentry, accountancy. ​ In 2016 we started using community spaces to offer yoga therapy on a donation basis. We couldn’t keep up with the demand and needed to find more venues to work in. ​ Now you can find us in some of the special places of Plymouth. The venues are located so you can be near the waterfront before and after your class. And more than anything we still stay true to our initial beginnings: you get to PAY WHAT YOU WANT for each class in our community venues


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