First of all, in order to get to know more about our website and store, we have to let you know that Esteban dried figs are sold in this collection directly and without intermediaries. It is very important for customers who intend to buy Eshtaban dried figs in bulk to know where to get their product. This category of buyers should go to the first-class sales centers in order to be able to make affordable and high-quality purchases. Astika Market is one of the direct sales centers of Estehban dried figs, which is also active in the field of production. In this commercial center, the productions are carried out by the group itself and other producers of Ayoub dried figs in Esteban.

·        The price of dried figs for export: Brown figs can be used together with salad or dipped in honey for breakfast and in the form of fig chocolate. Figs that are green and yellow in color are known as Kalimirna figs and have a good taste and are mostly used in nuts. Kaduna figs, which are green and raw, are mostly used in fig jams. In general, figs should be dried in such a way that their properties and vitamins are not reduced and they can be used in all seasons, and drying is done in three ways. Farmers; Figs, which are mainly produced in gardens, are dried under sunlight. In fact, the way to dry and store dried fruits is very important. Figs that are green to light yellow in color are known as Adriatic dried figs and are known as white figs due to their bright color in front of the sun, which are extremely sweet when dried and are eaten with desserts. Figs that have a dark purple color and black figs are famous and are used dried in cakes and cookies because of their unique taste.

·        Estaban dried figs: Due to the forest and natural cover of Estehban’s fig groves, no chemical fertilizers, poisons, or even animal manures are used in the process of producing and harvesting crops. Therefore, Eshtaban dried figs are completely healthy and organic. The method of drying Estahban dried figs is very special and unique. This product is dried on the tree branch by the factors of nature and falls on the ground with the wind. For this reason, all its properties are preserved and even the color of the product does not change. The above-mentioned three items are considered to be the main characteristics of Estahban dried figs, which we only briefly mentioned. If we want to talk about each of these indicators in detail, several detailed articles can be written, which are beyond the scope of dear readers.



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