There are different total solids regulations in place in both Canada and the United States. The best types of organic tomato paste tins, such as 800g and 400g packaging, are available. The term “natural tomato soluble solid” (NTSS) is used by the American government, while the term “total solids” (TS) is used by the Canadian government. In Canada, the measurement is made by oven drying, and the salt is deducted from the results. In the United States, the measurement is made by refractometry. Although the NTSS is a method for estimating total solids, its application is much less complicated than that of the oven-drying technique. The natural salt that is found in tomatoes is taken into account when calculating NTSS, despite the fact that the definition of “salt-free solid” provided by the Canadian government requires the exclusion of both natural and added salt. One more thing that sets these two definitions apart from one another is this.

In a manner comparable to this, the total solids obtained through the use of Official Methods of Analysis are not the same as the definition of total solid (TS) that has been proposed by the government of Canada (AOAC). According to Canadian law, total solids are defined as the solids obtained by oven drying minus any salt that was either naturally occurring or artificially added. The value of the total solids in the AOAC method takes into account natural salt as one of its components. The most recent examination of total solids using the Official Methods was carried out by Frank C. Lamb, who was working for the National Canners Association at the time. After realizing that it was impossible to determine the true solids content even using the official procedures, Lamb (1964) modified the official method with the goal of reducing the analysis time and introducing circumstances that would make the process more flexible and increase its reproducibility. He did this because he believed that these changes would improve the method.

Comparing the updated method to the official method from the beginning required the participation of 17 analysts from 9 different locations in a group investigation. The modifications that were made included increasing the sample size as much as possible, adjusting the pre-drying conditions, making use of diatomaceous earth, deciding on the pressure in the vacuum oven, and determining the optimal drying time.

The sample size that was utilized in the analysis was increased from 9–12 mg/sq cm residue to 9–30 mg/sq cm so that there would be more room for maneuverability when selecting the appropriate sample size. In place of pumice, we utilized diatomaceous earth so that we could speed up the drying procedure. When diatomaceous earth was pre-dried in a boiling water bath, a forced draft oven at 70°C, or a vacuum oven at 70°C with the release cocked left partially open, neither moderate over- nor under-drying had any effect on the results. In terms of pressure, it was deemed prudent to maintain vacuum drying pressures at or below 50 mm mercury. Their primary objective in conducting this research was to find a way to cut the required 4-hour analysis time of the official approach.

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