If you’re looking to OSRS gold get back to RuneScape that is confused by the design and impression of the ‘RuneScape’3 There are two options to make the look and play a little more familiar. If you’re keen on all the features and updates to the graphics then you can choose to switch to Legacy Mode which takes away the more modern MMORPG features leaving you with a basic point and click system.

Alternatively, you can take a look at Old School RuneScape which is the original variant of the game. It’s protected and maintained with regular updates. It will ever appear, feel, and play like the original game. One disadvantage to this is that you’ll need to be a paying member in order to have access to all the worlds on offer. Only a few of them are available to non-paying players.

This is the elephant in the room, is RuneScape pay-to play, pay to win, or pay-to-anything? No, absolutely not. Even with a no-cost account, there is more content to enjoy here than what’s available in some AAA PS/$60 releases.

There are many membership options offered through general membership and those in the Premier Club, but neither is required to enjoy the game. Treasure Hunter keys are still something of a pay-to-win game in the sense that the more you pay the more prizes and content you’ll receive. This is an annoying and inevitable part of the game this isn’t true.

In fact, RuneScape is cheap OSRS gold a game which is enjoyable on all fronts. For contemporary MMO enthusiasts, it can provide that full experience that you’ve been looking for. It will also give you all the relentless improvements to keep you afloat. Old school players have the game they enjoyed and the guarantee that its authenticity will be maintained.


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