Navigating the subtleties of estate law requires an erudite approach—one that The Estate Plan based in Coral Gables specializes in delivering to residents throughout Florida. As preeminent local estate planning attorneys anchored deeply within Miami’s community fabric, our firm offers personalized legal guidance across an expansive array of services including Estate Planning, Probate Administration, and Trust Administration as well as navigating the nuances of Guardianship cases tailored for special needs contexts. Your aspirations for a sound business succession strategy are met with insightful Retention Planning and Buy-Sell Agreements at our office where we believe no two clients have similar journeys; each roadmap diverges towards distinct legacies deserving dedicated approach beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. With our team steering you past potential Will or Trust Contests or even intricate Partition Actions when unity falters among heirs—the protection and fulfillment of your final wishes is our guiding principle at The Estate Plan.


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