A summary of written text is the first writing question you get in the PTE exam, followed by a write essay question. In the writing section, there are only two types of tasks and you have a fixed amount of time to complete them. It normally takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete the PTE writing section, which consists of one or two Summarize Written Text questions and one PTE Write Essay question. This falls under the part one of the PTE test, which is speaking and writing, and you get the writing questions after you finish the speaking section. For Summarize Written Text, the assessment criteria are complex, but for PTE Write Essay, they are even more complicated. The evaluation criteria must be understood before you begin preparing for the writing questions, so that you can attempt these tasks more successfully.

It can be helpful if you have a PTE expert or someone with good English skills look at your Summarize Written Text response as well as your Write Essay response to help you point out writing mistakes. This needs to be done on a regular basis and you should also learn from your mistakes. Getting your answers evaluated is useless if you don’t learn from your mistakes. Edutrainex provides guidance to our students, both in terms of building grammar skills as well as providing detailed feedback on each of your PTE Write Essay as well as Summarize Written Text answers. In case you continue to have trouble improving, you can use Edutrainex templates, which provide you with ready-made structures that you can use as soon as possible. When you use these templates, you will definitely improve your PTE Writing scores. Become a member today or read more informative articles on our blog.


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