Miscellania Management – Completion of both the quests that RS gold concern the area and put 10m (maximum amount) into it. It is possible to earn around 160% when you make the right allocation (I use mahogany logs). Player-owned Ports – Can earn millions each week with just 5 minutes of effort every day. To start Ports or create products, you’ll need to be doing this for approximately a year.

Shop buying – Buy out shop supplies, like feathers. Kill Hill Giants at the Edgeville resource dungeon. Grab the bones, and limpwurt roots.

Run through the mud of keys to get towards the Lava Maze, take only the valuable stuff (you should not consume anchovy pizzas). This is the most efficient way to earn money from f2p, I think around 400k/hr is the average however, muddy keys can take awhile to buy. Gem bags are the best choice for the highest effectiveness. Mine adamant ore. I love to mine this at the hobgoblin mine. Wear the full batwing and shield, and you’ll not require food. Hop worlds. PKers are so rare here you don’t even need to think about it. You can also superheat by mining the coal to make your trips last longer, I’m not sure if this is better however. 70 mining is required and 70 smithing is required for superheating.

Use rune arrows to defeat more demons at the Forinthry Dungeon. 100k gp/hr is the highest level xp that I have seen for freeplayers. I think doing air runes is something like 200k/hr at 66 runecraft. Obviously, the more you earn, the better. haven’t done that recently though. In the ideal scenario, you could purchase a bond and earn money using one of the methods for members in the event that you only play for every day for an hour and have good stats.

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I’m not well-versed on members money making, here is some freeplay stuff. Kill Hill Giants in the Edgeville resource dungeon. Grab the bones and the limpwurt root. ~250k gp/hr last Summer. The Lava Maze is a muddy maze. Only take the important stuff. This is the most lucrative F2P money-making opportunity. If you’re lucky enough, it could be as high as 400k/hr. But it can take a while to buy.

Mine adamant ore. This is my favorite method of travel. Wear full batwing, shield and food won’t be required. Hop worlds. The PKers here are so rare you don’t even OSRS buy gold have to think about it. You can also superheat the coal by mining it to make your journeys last longer. I’m not sure if this is better however. 70 mining required, 70 smithing if superheating. 200-300k gp/hr.


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