Luke Stays is an online travel agency that provides properties and the best holiday homes for tourists and business travelers across UK and Dubai. Luke Stays is proud to be a certified member of I-PRAC, International Property Rental Certification, a global trusted Accreditation and Certification verifying Short Term Rental operators as legitimate worldwide. All guests book with confidence with Luke Stays through 100% protected payment gateways to protect guests and business travelers worldwide from frauds, and always ensure a 5-stars guest experience during their stays. All guests that stay with Luke Stays shall register their booking with I-PRAC and download the app for getting the most of the amenities and facilities that the properties provide.
Luke Stays offers other services than direct online booking and guest hospitality. The services include ‘Become A Host’, ‘Be A Franchisee’, ‘Property Management for Landlords’, and ‘Concierge Booking Service’. Anyone is welcome to collaborate with Luke Stays.
Luke Stays is now operating across all UK and Dubai, and spreading to Australia and the US.


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