In Sassy Color Correction Hair Salon there are many types of color corrections, but the two most common color corrections are making really dark hair much lighter, and making really light hair much darker. Have you ever gone into the salon after you colored your hair with box color and asked to be really REALLY blonde? Getting you to be super blonde after using dark color on your hair is not nearly as easy as you think it is.

Your hair will need to be bleached to get you to the desired level, but it’s not as simple as throwing some bleach on and walking away. After using box dye, your hair will be more prone to lift, or lighten, with reddish/orange tones, or lift unevenly. (No one wants orange stripes in their hair!) The stylist then has to use more color on top of that to cancel out any and all unwanted tones in order to achieve your desired color.

If you’re platinum blonde and want to go a darker color, the stylist will need to fill your hair with a color like a red, as blonde hair does not have any pigment, and then put the desired tone on top of the filler after it’s rinsed out. If you’ve ever tried to put a dark color on your light hair and it washed out right away, that would be because your hair does not have any warm pigments for the dark color to grab on to!

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