The System for Alternative Schooling and Education, also known as SASE, is an alternative school that is committed to providing its pupils with a well-rounded education. The ability to think creatively, critically, and analytically is something that we want to foster in each of our students through the use of our curriculum. The development of individuals who are not only capable academically but who are also socially responsible and environmentally conscious is one of our primary goals.

At SASE, home schooling in Bangalore recognizes that each individual student is one of a kind and has their own approach to the educational process that works best for them. Our instructional methodology places the student at the center, and we actively encourage them to take responsibility for their own education.

Our teachers serve in the role of facilitators and give each student the individual attention that they require. Students in Bangalore who want to pursue their interests and hobbies after school can participate in one of the after-school programs that we offer here at special needs school. Classes in a variety of sports, arts, music, and dance are offered during our after-school programs in Bangalore. For further information visit our website.


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