The PTE test is not much more expensive than IELTS, but PTE Academic costs a bit less. According to the official figures checked in August 2022, the PTE test costs around USD $160, while the IELTS test costs about USD $185. It is possible that these costs will change slightly depending on whether or not their governing bodies decide to raise or lower test prices. For the latest updates and pricing information regarding PTE vs IELTS, please visit the websites listed below for the official websites. Also, be sure to check the prices based on where you plan to take the test, as prices may differ slightly.

Taking a look at each of the above items, let’s see how they PTE IELTS Compare. Slowly, you will gain a deeper understanding of both tests. IELTS Listening consists of four recorded monologues and conversations. IELTS Reading is composed of three long passages, including descriptive, factual, discursive, and analytical texts, as well as diagrams, graphs, and illustrations that do not contain words. There are two types of IELTS Academic & General Writing questions, which use authentic texts from books, journals, and newspapers. In the first task, candidates must summarize, describe, or explain a table, graph, chart, or diagram, which is 150 words long. You need to write 150 words of a formal or informal letter for the first IELTS General Writing task. For both Academic and General Writing tests, the second writing task is a 250-word essay on any topic. We will explain the PTE test if you compare it, since it has only three sections, but two of them are combined into one.


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