If you answer Summarize Written Text with no grammatical errors, you will earn 2 points. If you answer PTE Summarize Spoken Text with grammatically accurate, you will earn 2 points. A few grammatical mistakes (1 or 2) will result in one point for grammar, whereas if you make any more, you won’t get any grammar points. You can earn 2 points for the proper use of appropriate vocabulary in the PTE Summarize Written Text. One point is awarded for less appropriate words, and zero points is awarded for no appropriate words. Words are deemed appropriate if they relate to the spoken lecture as well as academically relevant. Last but not least, 1 spelling error will cost you 1 point, and more will get you 0 points for Spelling, while only no errors can earn you 2 points.

If you meet all of the marking criteria set out by the PTE, you can earn a maximum of 10 points. You will receive zero points if you write irrelevant content unrelated to the audio recording. Also, be careful not to type everything in capital letters, and use appropriate punctuation.


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