You should aim to complete your PTE Read Aloud response in between 30 and 35 seconds if you speak at a moderate speed and naturally. If you read the text very slowly, you are at a risk that you won’t be able to finish it in time. PTE Read Aloud will also take around 20 seconds if you speak too fast, which is not good. In addition, once you have finished speaking, click next and move onto the next question without waiting for the timer to run out. As a preparation tool, I would read the entire text and concentrate on the words I find difficult. For instance, on the PTE Read Aloud test, I might fumble while speaking words like ‘prewired’ and ‘receptive’. This is the same text, but I have highlighted a few meaningful words you should pay attention to. Try reading the PTE Read Aloud paragraph.

As explained below, let’s follow the same steps and approach and see if our PTE Read Aloud example improves. It has harder words than the previous example, so make the most of the 40 seconds. Which words were difficult for you? I would definitely practice words like ‘investigation’, ‘asteroid’, ‘rubble’, ‘clump’, etc, in the preparation period. At Edutrainex, we have a wide variety of examples and practice questions that are helping our students perfect their spoken English. Let’s take a closer look at some of the meaningful words that you should emphasize in the PTE Read Aloud task. When you finish practicing for the PTE Read Aloud exam, you will be able to master the PTE Read Aloud task because these practice questions are very close to the real exam questions. To succeed in the PTE exam, practice a lot of questions and seek advice from experts like us.


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