Along with PTE Retell lecture, PTE Describe Image is a popular PTE speaking question type. These two types of questions have a huge impact on your speaking score, and you can automatically improve your speaking scores if you perform well in these two tasks. As part of the PTE algorithm, three areas are evaluated for your proficiency: content, pronunciation and oral fluency. Even though grammar is not a scoring criterion, you should still strive to construct grammatically sound sentences. For the Retell lecture content, you should take notes while listening to the audio to help you make sure that you include important keywords in your response. Do not write down everything you hear; note down only the words that stand out or the meaningful keywords that stand out to you. When answering the Describe Image questions, simply describe what you see in the graphs and introduce your answer by explaining what that graph represents.

When listening to Retell lectures, you may hear several speakers talking at the same time, but you still need to speak and discuss what the other speakers were discussing. When it comes to describing images, students are often scared because there are a variety of types. Do not rely solely on the templates, but always highlight the main trends and features of the image based on your understanding. Join Edutrainex if you are uncertain about how to improve these areas and our PTE experts will be there to assist you anytime you need them. We also provide high scoring templates that can be used to supplement your answers and using them will greatly improve your scores, read our blog and watch our YouTube videos on all speaking topics, especially Retell Lecture and Describe Image tasks. We cover many examples, explanations, and practice questions in these articles and videos for the Retell Lecture questions and Describe Image questions.


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