Northern office cleaning Melbourne is a reputable office cleaning business owned and operated by a team with a true passion for delivering the highest standards of cleaning. Most commercial cleaning crews only offer a vacuum, mop, and rubbish pick-up service, but we are different. We ensure all surfaces and high touch points are cleaned and disinfected using hospital-grade disinfectants. Guidelines set out by the department of health in cleaning, and disinfecting protocols are adhered to. Our team has been servicing over 40 healthcare facilities and office suites around Melbourne since 2009. That has given the team a thorough knowledge of best infection control practices. The experience obtained over the last ten years has been vital in handling the current situation of COVID19. As a close-knit team, we regularly attend training sessions to ensure staff are up to date with the latest safety practices and can offer outstanding cleaning services to all our client’s workspaces. Northern office cleaning Melbourne team also keeps a direct communication with managers and building owners to find out how we are tracking and if any areas need attention or where we can get better.



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