Mylandscapes proudly maintains its position as one of the leading roof terrace and roof garden design in the United Kingdom, with a strong presence in and around London. The journey through our extensive portfolio reveals our prowess in this specialized field, showcasing an ancestry of exceptional projects that attest to our technical expertise and inventiveness. Mylandscapes has extensive expertise in our specialized field. We deftly navigate the complex web of technical constraints, infusing each project with a dash of creativity to produce truly remarkable roof terraces. The outcome? A seamless combination of calming sanctuaries and social spaces that redefine rooftop living. Our artistry transcends mere aesthetics. A well-designed roof terrace design  not only increases the value of your home, but also enhances your rooftop living experience. However, designing roof terraces requires a specialized set of skills. This is where Mylandscapes truly shines, with years of experience devoted to creating custom roof gardens tailored to the visions of our discriminating clients. At Mylandscapes, design is about holistic solutions, not just aesthetics. Our responsibilities extend beyond the drawing board and include navigating planning and structural complexities and avoiding potential pitfalls with skill. Our client-centric approach guarantees a seamless journey from concept to completion, transforming rooftops into thriving canvases of relaxation and sophistication.


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