MadSeason was already WoTLK Classic Gold making the decision not to continue and had created the video prior to the lawsuit accusations and, while he states that it’s his intention to support people who are affected by harassment and discrimination, it wasn’t the reason behind his decision to leave the game behind. MadSeason’s YouTube channel will continue to exist in the near future, but without any content related to WoW.

However, MadSeason refers to the continuous monetization of WoW Classic and the latest version as well as WoW and WoW Classic as his main reason for deciding to move on. In his opinion, the introduction of the WoW Token (a means for players to purchase real money gold in the game) in addition to various paid services such as boosts in level and shop-exclusive objects, such as mounts have affected the game.

His channel pivoted largely to WoW Classic coverage in the past few years, largely because it was missing the cash store in game. However, this changed with the release of Burning Crusade Classic, which included Blizzard include a paid level increase as well as cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold a brand-new mount to the game, two aspects that weren’t present in the first version of WoW’s very first expansion.


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