Wood Beams

We have a wide selection of wood beams in all sizes, including redwood, douglas and hardwood. We stock large dimension wood beams that can be used for pergolas, patio covers, and other purposes.

Wood Beam Types

Wood beams were once considered the most important structural members. They were used to transport loads of roofs and additional floors. However, the decorative wood beams on the market today are not able to build a strong structure, but they can be used to beautify the house. The wood beams give the interior a new look, while still maintaining a rustic feel. There are many wood beam options available, so it can be difficult to choose the right one.

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Conventional Wood Beams

Wood beams made from conventional wood are very heavy and difficult to work with. A beam must be held in place by several people at each end while another person installs it. Some beams can be too heavy to lift. Because of their extreme weight, conventional beams can cause structural problems to the roof or ceiling. This is why it is often not possible to use conventional wood beams on existing houses without consulting a structural engineer in order to strengthen the roof.

Traditional wood beams can also be susceptible to cracking, splitting and twisting as they dry. This could cause ceiling or drywall damage. This type of wood beams can also be subject to rotting or woodworms.

Custom Wood Beams

Handmade from 1 inch stock, Custom Wood Beams are handcrafted. This means that there is less moisture and less twisting when it dries. We can make Custom Wood Beams in any size you like, unlike solid core beams which are limited by the size and shape of the tree they were cut from. Our master carpenters have developed a unique jointing method. Our Custom Wood Beams can match the grain and hewn of existing beams to perfection, making them indistinguishable.

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Hand-hewn Wood Beams

These hand hewn wood beams have visible axe marks and are rustic. Hand hewn beams are often used with a broad axe. It has a blade that is angled on one end and straight on the other. This blade acts like a chisel. These beams can be part of the charm of older homes, barns, and outdoor structures. They are now mostly decorative and non-structural. Woodland Beam’s skilled carpenters are able to replicate any look.

Sawn Wood Beams

Another type of beam is the sawn wood beam. Its name derives from its cutting method. Sawn wood beams have a more rustic look due to the teeth marks left by the saw blade. These beams can be either rough-sawn or smooth. However, as they age, the beautiful patina that they develop is amazing. Sawn wood beams have a historical look and are often found in homes that date back to the Civil War and World War I.

Wood Beams Wraps

To give a completely new look to an unattractive wooden beam, wrap it in a box beam. A Beam Wrap can also be used to beautify a steel beam or laminate. Beam wraps can hide wiring, plumbing pipes (read on Whitton Plumbing), or duct work. Wood Beam Wraps can be used to conceal many structural elements that are not attractive, and they are easily distinguished from traditional wood beams.

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