Keep the air purifier like germguardian air purifier on at all times. If you are concerned about power consumption, lower the fan speed. Specifically, Blueair purifiers boast incredible certifications, including the EPA’s Energy Star rating for superior energy efficiency. This allows you to reduce long-term costs while maintaining cleaner, purer air. Air purification is an ongoing process, as the quality of the air in your home is constantly changing. You can’t expect an air purifier to run for hours and keep the air clean. It’s also a good idea to leave your air purifier on when you’re out on the town. Otherwise, you will go home to polluted air.

Keep the air purifier in the same room.
If you only own one air purifier, you must have one in your bedroom. The bedroom is where you spend a third of your life. It is more effective to keep the air purifier in the same room at all times. A small and portable air purifier may be the most ideal and efficient for your bedroom area.

Keep doors and windows closed when the air purifier is on.
If you leave the windows open, all the clean air will escape! Air purifiers work more efficiently in tight spaces. That said, it’s a good idea to regularly open doors and windows to deflate your home. Please turn off the power of the air purifier in advance so as not to waste electricity.

give him room to breathe
No, you didn’t read it wrong. This tip is so important that I have listed it twice. Remember that the airflow is both vertical and horizontal. Placing the air purifier under the table severely limits its efficiency, even if there is plenty of space around it.

input output
Make sure that the air inlet of the air purifier is always the least obstructed. If you have it near the wall, it means that it is facing these vents into the room. This makes it easier to take in and clean the air.

Avoid those corners
Furniture and belongings are not the only threats to the required airflow. Placing an air purifier at in the corner blocks air coming in from half the possible directions. If you need to place the air purifier close to a wall, try placing it in the middle instead of in the corners.


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