IVF treatment provides rejoices in the life of infertile couple. In general, cost for IVF varies depending the program chosen and complexity of patients. Get complete IVF treatment details including clinic Price, Dr. Fees and insurance Charges. Now around 250 IVF cycles are done every month on an average in the state by private IVF units. The cost of an IVF cycle in Kolkata varies anything between rs 70,000 to rs 2 lakh making the procedure out of bound for the economically beckward people. The cost for the same in other metros in India is higher which can be anything between rs 80,000 and four lakh. Treatment with Vinsfertility can get discount upto some extent where a couple can afford the cost of ivf in Kolkata. Experienced doctors with high success rate can assured to give baby in few attempts if first few didnt succeed, so continuing progress with top class facilities with affordable ivf price is what any working couple would desire to get. Vinsfertility has been working with top doctors in Kolkata and able to make high success rate over the past decades. There are many factors which contribute the ultimate cost of IVF treatment including your medical history, your infertility issues and few other infertility treatments can be combined with IVF. You will find different IVF treatment costs in different clinics. The cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata can be quite affordable than the cost of IVF treatment in other cities. Couples can travel to different cities in order to get cheapest IVF treatment cycles.


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