IVF Cost in Kolkata is armed with cutting-edge commercial infrastructure, sophisticated equipment, a group of outstanding fertility specialists who are dedicated to give you all the major as well as ancillary assistance associated with your entire treatment under the same roof, because they recognize the importance of a concerted, detailed and a professionally managed system for you to have a successful pregnancy. IVF Cost in Kolkata depends upon the type of IVF treatment the couple will choose for their fertility treatment. The average IVF cost in Kolkata for each cycle ranges between INR 80,000 and 1,30,000. IVF is the ultimate procedure of ART technique and is best used to fix out the issue of infertility and childlessness, although it doesn’t give assurance to the couple for positive pregnancy test but there are several methods in ART, which when combined with IVF, comes up with more effective result and that’s the basic reason, why IVF is on the talk to get rid of any infertility case.


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