In the end: Torso is not worth buying. Period. If you don’t have the cash available it’s a great alternative. One of the main disadvantages I’ve seen for slayer is the slight reduction in prayer bonuses. The loss of defence bonus tiny. Do you have proof? The median money maker RS gold is approximately 1m per hour. A novice player will need player around that long master BA and, by the time they’re done, you’ll have enough money to buy BCP.

I’ve never said the def bonus is important. If you look at my other threadsthat I favor str to def anyday or week. The fact is that you cannot sell torso back which means that the point is small. I can guarantee you that “average” money-maker is much less than 1m an hour. There are only a handful methods to will make that kind of.

There were too many bots on AZs that I was able to barely earn 50k/hr. Most slayer tasks offer more than 80k xp/hour. I’m not aware of any slayer job which offers 80k xp per hour. Just click at the right moment at AZS, and you won’t encounter any issues. It’s not like everyone doesn’t use bots to kill themselves.

I am currently 100k exp from 99 woodcutting, and thought I would get a Saradomin sword. However, I thought I could as well make a topic on here to see what every ones views are, on whether or not I should purchase the ss or one that is bgs, meaning they are priced in the same range currently. I have a whip as well as a dragon defender currently however I’m not able to train for strength using them, and I’m a fan of 2h weapons. Then I can do about identically with a ss as I do with the whip, but I don’t have it.

That’s right, I’m about getting to the point where I have had enough of that is why I am going to be playing some pvp related mini-games. For example, clan wars. Perhaps I’ll do a sort of quest or money-making, along with some training every once and a while. I have never really “grinded” and did what ever I wanted to. Therefore, I am suffering after months of wood cutting on end. There’s nothing better to do after grinding than killing each other.

I am aware that the ss is recommended for training, however the bgs would be more suitable for bosses as well as pking. So I’m guessing that this is going to be the ss. However, as I mentioned, I haven’t been posting for a while, and I needed an reason to post again In the event of my level of being less than 80, this will be the ss. But it’s still a good idea to initiate a conversation. Once I’ve completed the last 100k in woodcutting exp, I’m planning to earn some money by battling blue dragons using the whip for a bit. If you are able to suggest a different weapon, let me know.

Well I think you should always be training with cheap OSRS GP slayers and it shouldn’t take long to get 70 in all; maybe some days depending upon how long you play each day.


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