It must have occurred to you that you are confused google when deciding to buy a handmade rug. The most important reason for this confusion is the very high variety of types of carpets. In the meantime, sometimes we hear news about cheaper types of carpets, which can make us more skeptical about buying carpets. The appearance of the carpet is not the only reason for this volume of variety. But points such as the amount of density, the type of color used, the quality of the villi and  have also increased the breadth of this variety. In this article, we try to take a look at the most important points to consider when buying a rug:

Tips for design and size
The first and one of the most important points when buying a handmade rug is its design and size. Carpets usually have a symmetry that can be measured by folding the carpet in the middle and stacking it on the central axes of the carpet. Another thing that can be done is to use a meter for this. If the size of the distance from the edge of the upper edge of the carpet to the middle of the thorn is not more than about three centimeters with its size to the lower edge of the carpet, you can be sure of its symmetry. Note that if this size difference is larger, the price of the carpet will be lower. In addition to symmetry in size, you should also pay attention to symmetry in color. In addition to colors, look at symmetry in designs and shapes.


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