Ian The Chiro is a leading chiropractic clinic in Kuala Lumpur, dedicated to providing personalised care and effective treatments. Our primary services include Chiropractic Consultation, Chiropractic Adjustments, and Dry Needling.

At Ian The Chiro, we ensure our patients receive accurate diagnoses from the start, providing them with targeted treatments and personalised care plans. We are committed to not only treating our patients to provide the relief they need but also educating them on self-care, empowering them to manage their health independently and cost-effectively.

We welcome patients of all ages, particularly those who have struggled with chronic pain despite trying various therapies. We also cater to sports enthusiasts passionate about optimising their performance and functionality, with or without pain.

Our expertise includes treating conditions such as Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Heel Pain, Disc Herniations, and Sports Injuries. With extensive experience and qualifications, we offer top-tier chiropractic care.

Located conveniently in Kuala Lumpur, our clinic provides a comfortable and welcoming environment. We prioritise patient education, equipping our patients with the knowledge and tools to manage their health independently. Our multilingual staff can assist you in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin, ensuring clear communication and understanding.

While appointments are preferred to ensure dedicated time for each patient, we also accommodate walk-ins whenever possible. At Ian The Chiro, we challenge the status quo of managing chronic pain and inspire freedom through our comprehensive and personalised approach.


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