In addition, I thought I’d like to mention the one rule of thumb in the case of 110+ CB’s who are PK’ing and I’m sure you’re CB 14, but I hope you’ll have the chance to reflect at this article.I don’t know who I kidding. It’s a good idea to mention this to you, however can be that this works perfectly for PVM.

So two of my buddies with a level 116 one, the other maxed was hacked. Exaclty the same week. They lost all their items and the person who maxed out also has lost two chaotics. I’m really freaked out, and that’s me, and I’ve implemented these steps to secure my account I changed my password. Changed my IP. Finally, i changed my settings to private inside the game, which makes me secure from bots and spammers.

And, thank you for reading this i just wanted you guys to know if i;m doing everything i can to secure my account in full. Any other suggestions?

I recently received a slayer task for the 20 iron dragons. So I went through the metal drag hunting guide and got a full pros. My atk is 72, 78 str, 70 def, and 75 horsepower. In the manual, it suggests bringing lots of pray pot. Are these requirements necessary? is it necessary?

I’d prefer not to buy it the product if I don’t have to… The purpose of having Prosylete is for the Prayer bonus. If you’re not going to utilize it, you shouldn’t even use the Prosylete. I suggest bringing ~10 Prayer potions to last for around 20 Dragons, at least it’s working for me.

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