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Harnessing the Power of Hotel API Integration

Integrating Trawex Hotel API into your website allows you to access a huge range of accommodations along with real-time rates & availability, amenities & all other important information regarding the hotel room.

There has never been a better way for you to develop your Hotel Booking Platform using content from multiple supplier sources that can meet the exact requirements of your customers.Trawex offers a variety of connections and APIs to suit your business model, providing access to the extensive global Hotel content and best negotiated deals, all through a single API Integration.



·        Choose the modules that are right for you.

·        Access to excellent negotiated rates.

·        Wider choice of hotels.

·        Realtime availability and confirmation.

·        Clean & accurate data

·        Easy to Integrate

·        Integration Support

·        Personalised service

·        Booking is simple.

·        Cost savings

·        Mapping and De-duplication

·        Search, Book, Confirm-Through a Single API Integration



·        Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate and implement

·        Reliable and robust,

·        Build and update customised travel booking applications

·        Independent of language and application framework

·        Built on scalable Open System architecture

·        Real time streaming of prices for your users

·        Decreased development costs and time to market

·        Continually optimised product solutions

·        Custom-designed solutions which maximise efficiency

·        RESTful API format, with JSON or XML responses available

·        Completely scalable and Web 2.0 compliant

·        Browse and Live prices feeds


Why Trawex Universal Hotel API

Extend the Functionality of Your Website with Hotel Booking Engine API

With a wide range of accommodation choices in every location, each providing various pricing, and availability, the task of navigating through multiple suppliers can be made simple with our Hotel API. By integrating our Hotel API with your Travel portal, you as an Online Travel Agency can offer hard to beat Hotel deals to your potential clients. With the Hotel API, you can browse a large number of Hotel offers, book Room, cancel Room, generate reports for booking and cancellation, etc. very easily. A good API is a precious resource for the company. We realize this and so through our Hotel API, all the Hotel needs can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Trawex API aggregates hotel content into a single- system from leading hotel suppliers, consolidators, hotel chains and online travel agencies (OTAs). We offer unrivalled hotel search and booking technology designed to meet all of your requirements.


Our Partner-Focused Approach Is Long-Term; Supporting You Through Integration, Optimization and Business Growth.

Trawex Hotel API offers rich hotel content that is generally not available in other Travel Aggregators. Our online booking system allows our clients to access our vast hotel inventory from anywhere in the world swiftly. Best Hotel Booking Engine is specialized in reserving hotels online with very best hotels available. By integrating this travel and tourism API with your own software solution, you as a travel service supplier can provide hard to beat travel related solutions to your potential clients.It helps in travel and tourism business to help get the Hotel reservation done easily. Trawex Hotel API provides comprehensive descriptions including room types, images, and facilities, of over 500,000 properties worldwide.. As one of the trusted API providers Globally specialized in Hotel API Integration. All our services are integrated, tested and maintained by experienced team of professionals.

Hotel APIs are web services that allow travel companies to collect and aggregate information such as descriptions, galleries, availability and pricing from multiple hotel providers into a single-engine. It allows end-users to search and book hotels around the world using only one Hotel Booking System.

Trawex has experience with qualified professionals who are API integration specialists. Our API solutions make your portal not only user-friendly, but also adaptive. Our API portfolio includes broad inventories and a variety of APIs offered by global aggregators in the hotel domain.

Our Hotel API makes it possible for travelers to book rooms online, and this plays a vital role in the development of different properties nowadays. In today’s world, it’s time to move from hotel room bookings from offline to online mode.


Integrate Your Website with API for Seamless Business Operations

Travel portals and applications built with our API are also adaptable to different devices and sizes, using the latest responsive technologies to automatically change the display layout to match the screen of the device used.

The portal gets the real-time search data with the advantage of this software solution and gets to know the traveler’s requirement about hotel booking. This can include room no, type of room, destination, and traveler’s budget.

Hotel API is one of those search solutions that lets hotels provide travelers with the latest and most suitable search results so they can seal the portal deal and reserve their itinerary with it. Our Hotel API will help your business increase revenues while automating processes and reducing the time and effort required completing a room booking.

Travel agency can automate their services such as hotel booking, reservation, payments and much more through hotel API integration. In addition, travelers nowadays love smart work, so when you have fully automated website travelers can rely on you and book your stay making you the medium.


Why choose Trawex for Hotel API Integration?

What you need to do is integrate the hotel API into your website or management system, and yes! You have access to thousands of hotels, resorts all over the world. Our Hotel API provides comprehensive descriptions of more than 500,000 properties worldwide, including room types, pictures and services. As one of the trusted API providers, widely specialized in the integration of hotel APIs.


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