What is a global distribution system (GDS)?

A global distribution system, or GDS, is a computer network used by travel businesses and other distributors to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel-related services. A GDS is actually a reservation system for the travel industry, and it’s used by hotels, airlines, tour operators, and other businesses in the tourism section.

Think of it as the middle man – connecting a hotel’s reservation system and the travel representative. A travel representative can gain information, such as real-time rates and room availability, through the GDS. Then when a travel representative makes a booking, the GDS will send this information to the hotel’s booking system to make sure that it is accurately updated.

What are the types of GDS System?

There are currently four major GDS systems:

1.      Amadeus Global Distribution System:

Amadeus is a computer reservation system (or global distribution system, since it trades tickets for multiple airlines) owned by the Amadeus IT Group with headquarters across the world. The central database is located in the World. In addition to airlines, the CRS is too used to book train travel, cruises, car rental, ferry reservations, and hotel rooms.

Amadeus also offers New Generation departure control systems to airlines. The company is structured around two key related areas – its global distribution system and its IT Solutions profession area.

2.      Galileo Global Distribution System:

Trawex is a most significant travel technology company based in the World. We combine global distribution systems including Galileo GDS to travel agencies worldwide. Our comprehensive travel software includes flight reservation system, hotel booking system, car reservation system, cruise and insurance component. Trawex group is qualified to deliver top class reservation systems and well trained in Travelport UAPIs web services integration, user/sub-user components and XML live certification procedure.

Galileo GDS system commands lead position in airline software and connected to almost all the most significant airlines. Galileo offers solutions to travel agencies by offering the desktop solutions (search & book) and web services XML to connect to core database. Galileo Software provides flights, hotels, cars, cruise, holiday packages among others.

Galileo GDS gives you entrance to a world of content and functionality through web services APIs and desktop connection. It’s designed to run alongside your existing API solutions for an well organized and low-risk implementation. Galileo GDS system provides you entrance to worldwide low cost carriers, high speed rail suppliers and multi-source content via a single API can help you clear the clutter of numerous programming interfaces, while saving beneficial time and money.

3.      Sabre Global Distribution System:

Sabre global distribution system is one of the foremost offers of sabre travel software. The sabre network is comprising more than 55 thousands travel businesses. Sabre travel technologies render end customers with plans, accessibility, costing, strategies and rules etc. Along with this it also provides sabre booking and ticketing ability for travel distributor. The Sabre travel system has been utilised by approximately 400 airlines,175,000 hotel premises, and 200 sabre travel  representatives etc. The travel system is extended to 50 railway carriers, 40 car rental suppliers and 17 cruise lines.

4.      Worldspan Global Distribution System:

Worldspan is part of the Travelport GDS platform, and is a technology chief in web-based travel eCommerce, offering solutions for all facets of travel business online.

As a leading GDS, Worldspan suppliers travel distribution, technologies and businesses for thousands of travel companies worldwide, including travel agencies, corporations, provides and websites.

Worldspan transforms global travel distribution and transaction processing with industry-first fares, pricing, shopping and booking technologies, and a portfolio of interactive shopping tools that enable travel companies to reduce costs, increase productivity and build incomes.

How Does a GDS Work?

In short, a GDS functions as a middleman between a travel  representative and a hotel’s (or airline’s) central reservation system. Travel representatives can see real-time rates and inventory for a given hotel via the GDS, though the GDS doesn’t actually hold its own inventory. It’s simply a window into the hotel’s system, which shows  accessible room types, rates, and restrictions.

When a travel representative books a room, the GDS transfers the reservation data to the hotel’s system and removes that room from the hotel system’s inventory. The travel representative does not need to talk to anyone from the hotel, and the hotel’s reservations agents don’t require to enter any data manually.

Few Of The Benefits Of  Global Distribution Systems:

Ø  The Use of Global distribution system shows a rise across corporate and leisure travelers

Ø  GDS is highly effective in alluring the international travelers. This is the reason why using of GDS among the travel agents is growing exponentially every year.

Ø  OTAs have greatly improved the travel shopping experience and convenience for consumers and have increased pricing transparency.

Ø  GDSs enable the retail travel agency and OTA business models.

Ø  The GDSs enable the travel agents to make their travel services available to consumers globally where they might not otherwise be able to achieve efficient worldwide market penetration through direct marketing efforts.

Ø  Booking through Global distribution system is most preferable for  corporate travel agents as a suitable reservation process for holidays,  air, hotel and rental cars.

Ø  Travel agents can get global platform for their business with strong market penetration

Ø  Global distribution system is the base to  enter into corporate clients across the world

Ø  GDS is the ability to update the status of inventory  in real time.  Due to its real-time  status update capability managers can view rates change and  can easily alter price points or make special offers. Agents can view all the changes instantly and will be able to suggest the new updates and offers to clients without any interruption to make the deal..

Ø  Its a wise decision to invest in a GDS. The system places your holiday booking services and inventories in front of  huge  clients without affecting  your marketing budget.

Ø  The unique selling point of GDS is that it Can provide best rates to your guests, which no other systems can provide.  Your gusts can find packages that include a hotel stay, air travel and car rental

Features of Global DIstribution System:

Ø  The most recent and technically proficient automated products.

Ø  Instant seat confirmation is available.

Ø  Coordinated real-time flight data.

Ø  Secure client information.

Ø  A low-cost solution.

Ø  Break-even point graphs that adapt.

Ø  Quick installation and access.

Ø  A perfect representation of cost-volume-profit (CPV) connections.

Ø  Accurate analysis reports.

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