You might be thinking of giving your home or commercial property a new look, having a make over. It is a big decision to make if you are looking to remodel or renovate your property. If you have the cash available and you have a lot to time to work with the renovation then you might consider doing DIY renovation or you can contact subcontractors on your end and look for the materials you want to use for the renovation. But most of us has full time job of you may have a business to run. You may not have enough time to focus and check the job if it was done correctly. But if you are looking to have a loan for your renovation or for new construction the most of the lenders may require you to have a contractor be approved. You will also expect that the general contractor will oversee everything that needs to be processed like permits, and they already have subcontractors who can work with them to finish your renovation projects. We from a fence contractor, siding contractor up to the painting part of it. We are one of staten island home improvement contractors who also offer Staten island masonry. Our contractor is reliable and will give you heads up on the progress of the project


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