What Is GDS Software ?

GDS is a computerized reservation network that allows travel agents, end-users, and corporations to access and book flight tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, tour packages, and other travel products.

It provides global data, rates, inventory, offers, and real-time availability of airlines, hotel rooms, car rentals, bus tickets, and many more, to help the travel industry become more informatics and sophisticated.

As a result, GDS meets the inventory requirements of online reservation sites and travel agencies. Customers can also book flights from a variety of airlines and service providers.

Independent travel agents, online agents, and travel agencies are increasingly using extremely sophisticated GDS systems to find their clients the best available travel and accommodations and rates.

How Do Travel Companies Use GDS Software?

GDS Software is a computer network that facilitates transactions and networking among travel service providers and travel agents. GDS software allows travel agents to connect directly to airlines or hotels.

Travel companies use GDS to find the best airline ticket, car rentals, hotel rooms, etc. for their clients. Information is customized by the travel companies based on preferences and itinerary.

Integrations with a GDS can be configured to present data clearly and consistently. Many features can be implemented to compare pricing, location, dates, airline seating, and times.

A GDS software also provides travel agents with access to travel data that allows them to compare prices and facilities offered by various airlines, car rentals, and hotels to find the best deal for their client

Where GDS Software Can Be Used?

Ø  Airlines Ticketing

Ø  Hotels Bookings

Ø  Train Bookings

Ø  Tours Packages

Ø  Cruise Bookings

Ø  Car Bookings

Ø  Airport Transfers

Where GDS Software Can Be Used?

Ø  A huge inventory of flights, hotels, cars, and buses.

Ø  Best possible fares and commissions.

Ø  Excellent connectivity via a single interface.

Ø  An extensive network of travel agents.

Ø  Reliable in terms of new connections.

Ø  All-round support to travel entrepreneurs.

What Are The Features Of GDS Software?

Ø  Access for both B2C and B2B travel booking engines.

Ø  The GDS software is simple to integrate with Android, iOS, and Web platforms.

Ø  Provides access to real-time availability and pricing to make online bookings.

Ø  GDS makes it simple to manage and maintain information.


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