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Travelopro is a GDS integration company specialized in integrating global distribution systems and we have worked profitably on GDS systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Travelport. We have approved records in integrating GDS systems for bookings of Airlines, Hotels, car rental and holiday with the options of B2B, B2C and B2B2C along with admin module. Our GDS Integration Service will support your travel company book thousands of airlines, hotel rooms and holidays online.

What is a global distribution system (GDS) API?

Global Distribution System (GDS) is also called system providers. It is basically software that travel companies use to sell airline tickets or book hotel rooms. In other words, it is a programmed reservation network used as a single place for services linked to airlines. The services consist of airline schedules, issuing airline tickets, booking airline seats, reserving hotel rooms, rental cars, and providing other travel-related administrations.

However, GDS API can become challenging tactic without right approach. That’s why we at Travelopro, makes your task easy-going by providing you GDS API integration. We’re your certified GDS API integration providers. Our only motive is to offer you a comprehensive array of travel services with ubiquitous charges, practices, and strategies.

Travelopro provides you connection to the renowned Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus API, Galileo API, and Travelport. We aid you link with hundreds of travel representatives and millions of potential customers worldwide.

How Does GDS API Integration Play an Important Role in the Travel Industry?

The travel industry is the major contributor to the GDP of a country, making it greatly competitive. Staying ahead in competition demands travel agencies upgrade to integrate GDS software. It connects travel companies to major GDSs globally consist of, Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo, etc. GDS plays a significant role in the travel industry as it has transformed the thorough picture of the travel sector. Global distribution systems play as online booking systems for travel businesses.

At Travelopro, we offer the most exceptional GDS integration services that deliver excellent satisfaction to many customers in the travel industry. With our years of expertise, we can evaluate the exact need of your business. Our GDS integration solution provides a user-friendly platform for travel agencies to manage their bookings.

At Travelopro, through our GDS API integration services, we offer a platform for B2C and B2B clients that give them connection to global content on any device. We develop a platform compatible with all devices. In years of services, we have integrated Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport API for our many clients. Our GDS software allows travel service providers to upload their data in GDS and give permission to travel companies to use it for bookings. This setup serves the purpose of all the parties combine in the process.

Why GDS API Integration is important for the travel and tourism business?

Travelopro is a leading GDS API integration company. It is a particularized integration partner of global distribution systems. This company has integrated the GDS with APIs totally. Travelopro is an authorized partner of GDS systems to integrate hotels, airlines, bus and rental cars with B2B, B2C and B2B2C components. It even supports other powerful modules.

GDS API integration is a central booking tool for the OTAs – Online Travel agents. GDS is a network which is computerized and is single stop for having services from airline seats to the hotel rooms. A GDS gathers and consolidates travel information from varying spectrum of providers of service and allows representatives to book airplane seats, hotel rooms and cars and busses on rental. You can even book cruise lines and carries. There are generally three GDS covering 99 percent of the market – Sabre, Travelport and Amadeus. The problem that companies face is of choosing the leading GDS API. Along with the technical differences, market coverage acts an important role.

GDS API integration for a Successful Expansion of Your Business Globally

Global Distribution System is a computerized network that joins travel agencies and companies to Suppliers/aggregators for flights, hotels, vehicle rental, holiday packages, etc.  GDS stores the latest data of several suppliers, which strengthens the travel agencies to provide updated information to their clients.

GDS Integration offers a centralized reservation system for online travel companies. It is an asset for travel companies to get services from several suppliers like hotels, airlines, and car rental organizations on a single platform. Through single GDS API integration, Online travel companies can develop their business by reaching a wider audience.

As a leading API integration, Travelopro has years of experience integrating facilities for airlines, hotels, car rental, bus, cruise, payment and SMS gateways, etc. Travelopro has a team of developers for exceptional integration facilities for all major GDSs like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan.

Our fulfilled customers are proof of our excellence in API integration for B2B and B2C travel portals, Flight API Integration and Hotel API Integration. Travelopro provides fully functional solutions for our several clients. We provide a broad range of services apart from GDS booking services. We provide a wide range of facilities in GDS software development.

How Much Does GDS/API Integration in Travel Portal Development Cost?

Online travel agencies, travel consolidators, and advisors are adopting travel technology solutions to benefit a competitive edge in the market. They are also accommodating existing customers and attracting new customers alongside. As a result, travel companies have come up with a creative solution for the development of their businesses. This is about the GDS/API integration in travel portal software. This is a greatly flexible and automated way to control your online travel agency (OTA).

During a travel portal development for your travel business, GDS/API integration in travel portal is important for your online travel agency. It allows you and your customers access to a large listing of flights, hotels, tour packages, etc. The GDS/API integration services your customers to access large inventories on one platform rather than going to different platforms to make different bookings. Therefore, to attract and contain customers, it is a must to integrate GDS/API with your travel portal.

To understand the overall price of your travel portal development with GDS/API integration services, you would have to consider the ways in which you can integrate your travel portal software and the Cost of GDS/API Integrations.

Features of the GDS API integration

·         B2C and B2B online booking portal

·         Advanced Flight booking engine

·         Integrated CRM system

·         Online payment gateway

·         Promo code management for marketing

·         B2C and B2B profile management – My bookings, booking vouchers, Cancelation – linked with bookings

·         Mid office system – Booking management, Front desk management, Supplier management, Service fee management

·         Mobile application iOS and Android

Benefits of GDS API Integration

·         Immediate ROI

·         Secure Data & 100% Compliance

·         Easy Markup Controls

·         Real Time Monitoring

·         Boost Your Online Direct Sales

·         Decrease Your Dependence on Other Sales Channels

·         Productivity Increase

·         Maximize The Point of Sale

GDS API Integration Services

Global Distribution System (GDS) is a global computerized reservation system used as a single point of connection for booking airline seats, hotels, car rentals, and other travel related services by travel agents, travel booking sites. It protects everything from airline tickets, car rentals, hotel booking and vacation packages. It allows users to purchase tickets from different providers or airlines.

GDS can relationship services, rates and bookings consolidating products and services across all three travel sectors: for example, airline reservations, hotel reservations and car rentals. Travelopro integrates with world’s best GDS including Amadeus GDS, Galileo GDS, Sabre GDS, Travelport GDS, etc. We give GDS software, GDS system, global distribution system, GDS booking solutions to global travel companies.

GDS API Integration service need a specialized skill force and we at Travelopro are committed towards the seamless integration of GDS API in its any format. We have a different team of expert developers who are seasoned professionals when it comes to GDS API consumption and integration. Whether it’s a travel and hospitality API or a payment gateway API or a social media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.), we are thoroughly experienced.

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