What is Fildena?

Fildena delivers high seventeen so-called generic Viagra for the treatment of men’s erectile dysfunction.

The drug is prescribed by Fortune Healthcare and is used to treat men’s ED. And it is possible to take this drug as directed by experts.

It has the medicine of various qualities. For example, there are  Fildena 50 and Fildena 100, etc. For those who have to take solid pills, this field of medicine is not challenging.

Sildenafil citrate is made effective, this drug increases blood flow inside men. Which is advantageous in every foreplay.

The Fildena100 mg purple pill is more effective. Which works much faster in this field than the traditional tablet. And you can take this medicine at the suggestion of other experts.

Use of fildena :

Erectile Dysfunction 40-50 age is found inside men. They are not capable of sexual intercourse. The most important is daily stress. Due to this, there is no flow of blood in the penis along with the sex problem.

Sildenafil citrate is an increase in blood flow through which sexual intercourse can take place. It contains sildenafil citrate in a pill. Experts must be consulted to use this medicine. This drug increases the blood flow in the vein. Whose gate can be properly raised. Proper lifting can be done by following the rule suggested by the experts.

The adequacy of fildena tablets depends on the patient’s other medication for the disease. The drug can be taken by the patient on a regular basis with a single pill from the Fildena tablet And no more than one pill can be taken.

How to take Fildena :

Corresponds to verbal regulation. Take your desired sexual action for 20 minutes in that field.

Before taking these pills, you should go to a specialist and determine the criteria. This drug becomes more effective, such as the age of the person, etc.

However, the advice of a medical professional should be sought before taking medication for the treatment of ED.

How Does Fildena Works?

Fildana’s pill contains the unique fixing sildenafil citrate. Within which PDE-5 is subject to the aggregation of class type amplifiers. Which increases the flow of blood in the vein and develops more.

This is sildenafil citrate. Its use is the Pneumonic Hypertension and Suction Tool of Hypertension, which slows down the flow of blood to the lungs and allows blood to flow freely. Sildenafil falls into the category of amplifiers of phosphodiesterases drugs. Sildenafil belongs to the class of phosphodiesterases.

Sildenafil is not associated with pregnancy. The person is not associated with other diseases such as HIV.

Who should not take Fildena?

Heart issues

liver infection

kidney problems

alcohol issues

Strength of fildena :

Fildena 25 mg

Fildena 50 mg

Fildena 100 mg

Fildena 120 mg

Fildena 150 mg

Fildena Double 200 mg

Fildena  Ct 100 mg

Fildena Professional 100 mg

Fildena Super Active

Fildena XXX 100 mg

Side effects of Fildena :

Tears keep coming from all over

Trouble in urination


The effectiveness of light




Fildena Interactions :

This leads the patient to accept nitrate. Because no other disease should be taken with this medicine. Which has been shown to be harmful to the patient with Fildana’s medication.

HIV/AIDS medications

Heart medications

Pules medications

Antifungal Medications

Hepatitis Medications

Epilepsy Medicine


If you take Fildena, you should not drink too much alcohol.

The symptoms of hypertension should be examined.

Experts should be consulted.

It is important to seek expert advice if you are taking a heart attack.



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