Fildena 100mg is rapidly absorbed and is bound to plasma proteins. Therefore, it is believed to be transported to other tissues and organs and can affect the health of different body parts. In addition, sildenafil is effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

Several studies indicate that sildenafil has an immunomodulatory effect. This effect is achieved by inhibiting myeloid-derived suppressor cells. Doing so prevents the LPS-induced activation of actin filaments and the production of cytokines. Besides, sildenafil can avoid the proliferation of regulatory T cells and lipid peroxidation. Furthermore, it reduces the accumulation of neutrophils.

Recently, the relationship between sildenafil and melanoma was studied. The results showed a significant correlation between low PDE5 inhibitors and low-stage melanoma doses. However, it is not yet clear whether it is a protective or a risk factor for the disease.

There is a need for more studies to determine the actual effects of PDE5 inhibition. However, the findings from these experiments suggest that the pills may have a role in treating erectile dysfunction and cancer. Moreover, it is interesting to note that sildenafil has a high affinity to the phosphatase activity of PDE5.

Lastly, there are some reports about the side effects associated with sildenafil. These include blurred vision and conjunctival hyperemia. Additionally, it has been shown to induce reversible intraocular pressure (IOP). Nonetheless, the ocular side effects associated with the pill are transient and are not clinically significant.

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