There’s no denying the fact that these days, the number of criminal activities like thefts, break-ins and burglaries have increased a lot and it’s the need of the hour to ensure that these things are prevented. Thankfully, there are several measures one can take these days to avoid such activities from happening in their house.

For years now, Eagle Eyes Security Systems have been the surveillance destination for most people in Penrith and Parramatta regions. We have been around for more than a decade in this industry; we have created a history of offering top quality security systems and CCTV camera installations in Blacktown to our clients.

Not only do we offer a wide range of quality CCTV surveillance camera systems for sale online but we also offer cheap installations and on-site consultation. Customer service has always been our forte which is precisely why even after installation; we offer free servicing and back-up to our customers for 24 months.

Two of the products that we offer are:-
IP Cameras
Type of cable: Network cable, Cat 5/6
Connector: RJ45 Ethernet or Wifi
Type of recorder: Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Resolution: 2,4 and 6MP
Type of power: PoE & DC12V
Type of signal: IP

Analogue Cameras
Type of cable: Coaxial cable
Connector: BNC
Type of recorder: Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Resolution: 2MP, 3MP
Type of power: DC12V
Type of signal: CVBS

We pride in the quality of services which we have been providing over the years and that’s precisely why we offer servicing and backup to our customers free of cost 24 months after installations. From
providing cheap security cameras in Campbelltown to advanced IP cameras, we have been specialising in everything.

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