Fildena 100 penis enhancement pills are manufactured under the name of “100 mg” and it is taken orally. The ingredients present in this supplement help in increasing blood flow to the penile chambers and also help to increase the number of sperm. These pills find its usage in men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction illness. It’s also a severe sexual disorder in men who restrict their capability to obtain the desired hardness in erections with their partners.

A regular intake of Fildena pills ensure the increase in the count of sperm, help in attaining rock-hard erections and at the same time boost up sexual health. These tablets not only help in improving the quality of erections but also reduce the frequency of the episodes of PE (erectile dysfunction). When taken regularly, the chances of getting a hard erection diminish drastically within a period of two weeks, if you are using the Fildena pill along with Zinc, L-Arginine, Tribulus and other ingredients.

Zinc helps to reduce the production of nitric oxide which is responsible for constricting the blood vessels and allowing sufficient blood flow towards the penile chambers. As a result, there is an enhanced sensitivity and sensation in the penis during an erection. Tribulus, L-Arginine, Fildena 100 g tablets and many other herbal ingredients help in improving the functioning of the circulatory system, thereby curing the problem. Other than that, the herbal ingredients like Sildenafil citrate, Yohimbe, Epimedium, Ginkgo Biloba, Epimedium leaf extract and many more are very useful in improving the blood supply to the penile chambers and increase the number of blood vessels that dilate during an erection.


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