Bio Washing Powder is great if you need to get rid of stains quickly and efficiently. Even a fast wash with this natural cleaning powder is enough to get rid of stubborn stains. Enzymes included in biological washing powder aid in the removal of stains from clothes. Because the enzymes in biological detergents are effective even at lower temperatures, Bio is an excellent option for those who want to wash their clothes in cold water. This detergent is harsh on stains yet kind on the environment thanks to its biodegradable components and recyclable packaging.


Even in a rapid wash cycle, Bio Washing Powder will get rid of stains completely.

Cleaning difficult stains while being kind on the environment, this laundry detergent is manufactured with biodegradable chemicals and comes in a recyclable package.

Grease, oil, dirt, grass, and even chocolate ice cream are no match for the stain-removing power of Bio Washing Powder.

Bio Washing Powder has a pleasant aroma that lasts, and it removes oil and grease stains well, even in cold water.

You may also get Bio Washing Powder in liquid and pill form.

Intensify the heat of your wash Bio Washing Powder washes at 60 degrees Celsius or higher to provide maximum cleanliness (please check the garment’s fabric care label beforehand).


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