If you have NYC to California move upcoming we have prepared some tips and tricks for you especially when it comes to packing your family. Also, we will show you who can help you out along the way. Relocations are never easy especially coast-to-coast ones. If you add kids into that whole mess you just end up feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we prepared this guide for you. There is no need to be stressed out especially if you don’t have to move in a hurry.

Preparing the kids for NYC to California move

This one is most important as family relocations are challenging. You need to prepare your kids for the upcoming NYC to California move. Or to be exact you need to prepare the bigger kids. Babies and toddlers simply don’t care where they are as long as you are sticking to their routine and bring their favorite toys. That and the proximity to their parents are the only things that matter to them.

packing with kid
Some kids take longer to adjust to the idea of relocating but in the end, they will surely love California as soon as you move.

Bigger kids are totally different and they need a lot of explanation and understanding. Especially teenagers. They are the ones who are known to throw tantrums but if you give them time to process this idea and explain to them why you are moving. Maybe even include them in some decisions like buying your new house they might be willing to corporate more. Just be patient and give them time and they will be on board in no time.

Involve the kids in the packing process

It might be good to involve the kids in the packing process. Not babies of course but for example, toddlers can pick toys and put them in moving boxes. A bit bigger kids can fold their clothes and separate breakable toys. That will make them feel included in the whole moving process and they might even really be helpful. If not and you still have a lot to pack and the time is of the essence movers like Good Neighbors Moving Company can be very helpful when it comes to packing.

moving boxes stacked
Packing is a long process, but the kids can help you out.

Packing hacks

Your NYC to California move will begin with packing so we prepared some good packing tips :

  • declutter your home before you start with packing
  • download some moving apps
  • divide household items for packing by room
  • get some good moving supplies (packing paper, bubble wrap, sharpie, moving boxes)
  • Pack breakable items first and leave furniture last
  • Label all the boxes, or even write the content of the box in one corner – that will make unpacking easier later on

Eco-friendly packing

Some people really mind the environment even during relocations. Moving supplies like bubble wrap are very convenient but they are not very green. If you want to pack your household belonging and mind the environment – think recycling. For example, you can wrap breakable items (smaller ones) in your t-shirts. Bigger ones can be wrapped in blankets or such. All those small things can make a big difference.

Who can help you out

To make this coast-to-coast relocation easier, it might be best to hire professional movers. That way you can focus on your family and they will do all the hard work for you. Even when you relocate it might be smart to hire local movers in case you need assistance with unpacking and settling in. Actually, that is the hardest part of relocation.

For packing and moving you have some sort of deadline and there is none for unpacking and people get lazy and leave unpacking for some other day or even a week. But unpacking early on is the key to making this relocation successful. The sooner you unpack the sooner you will be able to adapt to your new place and make it your new home. Decorating it to your taste will also make you feel more at home.

movers packing household items for NYC to California move
Professional movers can help you out!

Planning ahead

Planning NYC to California move will be the key to your successful relocation. For example, you need to pack a bag for your moving day separately. That bag will contain all the things you might need for the road. Spare clothes, food, water, wet wipes, blanket, snacks, some sort of entertainment, and such. Also planning for bad things is crucial. If you are driving bring a map, you might be left without internet. Bringing anti-sickness meds is also a smart move, you never know what can happen and it’s good to feel prepared. You should also plan your moving budget on time.

Packing for moving day

Here is a complete list of the things you might need for the moving day we just mentioned :

  • food and snacks for both adults and kids, that includes formula as well
  • water and juice boxes for the kids
  • if you have a car cooler or mini portable fridge pack all your liquids it might be good to have cool drinks along the way
  • wet wipes (and for the face try finding those water wipes)
  • spare clothes for both you and the kids
  • medications
  • documents like ID’s and such
  • some sort of entertainment for the kids
  • music for everyone
  • map
  • portable charger for your phone

Those are just some basics, you can add all the things you think might be smart to have on the road.

Good luck with your family relocation!

Good luck with your upcoming NYC to California move. If you plan everything and do it the way we advised it you will be good to go and well prepared. Don’t worry, things might be a bit hectic right now but that’s relocations for you. They tend to be messy. But soon enough all this will be over and you will have a whole new life. Enjoy making new friends in California, meeting your next-door neighbors, and of course exploring your new neighborhood and the city. There is so much to see and explore there your days will be packed with exciting things to do and if you ever feel homesick – airplane tickets are pretty affordable right now.

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