The relocation of your business can be a complicated task and a stressful activity. The company move also causes a huge disruption in the business process. A company move means that you have to move a lot of furniture, documentation, and tech. The move also has to be done fast, and securely to cut down on the disruption time. It requires a good organization and logistics and also the participation of all of the employees. Moving the office presents some challenges and sometimes some unexpected problems. One of them is the relocation of big machines and equipment. Sometimes it is not clear how to move a large copy machine securely

Moving large equipment

Large equipment such as photocopiers can be a problem to move. These items may require some expert help and assistance to move properly. There are many reasons to be careful about moving big technological items. Their size may make them too difficult and unsafe to move by untrained individuals. At the same time, they might be fragile so unprofessional handling may cause damage. These items are usually expensive so the risk of financial expense caused by damage may be too great. Sometimes it is also advisable to call in the experts since the unprofessional move void warranty of the equipment.

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Moving large equipment is a process that is nit to be taken lithely

Can you move a large copy machine by yourself

Moving a copy machine is not difficult and is a straight forward job. Any moving company with experienced staff can do it. The office staff with adequate preparation can also do it easily while taking certain precautions. The key is to take great care not to damage the machine since it is fragile and the damage can be too great.

The copier also has a lot of moving parts that cant take to much stress that can happen while moving. So, it is important to protect them and make sure they are not damaged by careless handling. More or less the main advice is to keep the copier in an upright position to avoid damage of smaller parts inside. These parts are optical elements that are not to be handled carelessly. Also, there are fluids and chemicals that are not to be stirred and spilled over.

Even if you follow this advice you can still damage your copier that is why it is important to prepare it for the move properly. It is good to consult the service and user manual to see if there is some special preparation procedure that is important for the move. However, you should always do some basic preparation for the move to avoid damaging your copier:

  • prep for disassembly
  • remove movable parts
  • pack and protect
  • additional advice


It is good advice to properly prepare the machine for disassembly. This means that you should disconnect all of the cables and cords from the machine and also take pictures. The pictures will help you reassemble the copier on the new location and you can use them if any part of the machine is damaged in the process. The preparation also presumes that you remove the toner and waste toner cartridge to prevent spillage. A good practice is also to print the configuration settings to help you with its assembly. Before starting the disassembly and packing allow for the machine to cool down to avoid damage to any parts that are heated up in the process of exploitation.


Disassembly means that you should detach and remove all of the movable parts of the machine. Many copiers have additional feeder trays, output separators, additional paper holders, etc. These parts should all be detached to avoid damaging them or the machine during transport. You should take care to properly pack, protect and label these parts for future reassembly. Some parts, like the ADF, should be taped in place to protect both the scanner glass and the part itself.

Copier internals

Disassemble all of the movable parts to avoid damage.


Packing is one of the most important parts of the copier moving process. You should buy adequate packing supplies to properly protect the machine. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and padding are all essential for protecting the copier. Use bubble wrap to wrap the whole machine from top to bottom from any hits and bumps during caring. Use thick cardboard to protect the sides and secure the top. Also, gather any type of padding and use it for protection.

Advice for those who want to move a large copy machine

While moving your copier be sure to take every safety precaution and take special care. Make sure you consult the manual or the manufacturer about the safety instructions. The key is not to put the copy machine on any side and to always keep it upright. Some copiers may have built-in wheels for easy transport. Use that feature but be careful on rough surfaces. Also, try to supply dollies or furniture rollers or other transportation and caring tools to make the move easier. Try to make use off all of the loading gates, elevators, ramps and other things that may help execute the move easily and smoothly. Make sure that you secure the machine with straps in an upright position to avoid any risk of tilting and falling over.

Professionals should move a large copy machine

To make your move carefree it is always a good solution to hire professionals. Professional movers have all of the necessary experience and equipment to handle the job. They will also take all of the precautions to make sure that the risk of damage is minimal. They will also properly pack and secure the copier. Reputable movers will also provide insurance as an added protection against the risk of damage.

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Handle your copier with care or hire professional help

So moving your copier is not that difficult. Still, there are some tricks that you need to know to do it safely. Make sure that you follow any advice you can get to avoid making damage to the machine. Get your workers to take part in the move and give them the all of the advice you can gather to do it right.

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