With so many moving companies in the business, it’s often hard to find the right one. So many different price points, offers, and services make it hard to know who you can trust your items with. That’s why doing a background check of the companies you like is beneficial when trying to pick the best moving services for your move. One of the ways to do it is definitely going online – internet reviews are very helpful to get some additional information about a company. However, you may wonder – “Should I trust all these comments? Are they real?” And you are right to think this way. Here are the best ways to find valid reviews of NYC companies.

Be careful when reading moving reviews

If you are trying to find a decent moving company, don’t trust everything you read online. The reason for this is that many of the comments and pages may be promoted by the company itself, and you may also find many fake reviews, too. The competition in the moving business is huge, and companies, both good and bad, are trying to win clients in every possible way.  Some fraudulent companies invest a lot of time (and money) into falsely presenting themselves online which can be very dangerous and misleading for the readers. So, to avoid being scammed and paying much more than it’s necessary – be sure to this search right.

people showing opinion

People have different experiences with moving companies, and they often share them online. These can be very helpful, but how to find valid reviews of NYC companies?

When you can be suspicious?

When looking for valid reviews of NYC companies, it’s important to see signals that show you that something is probably not right. So, when browsing online reviews to find a reliable mover, be sure to spot these signals that show you that comments are probably fake:

  • Too-good-to-be-true reviews – if a company has only excellent reviews with too many positive comments, something is not right. Having spotless reviews is often a sign of fake profiles typing them.
  • Too many negative comments – some of these bad comments may be true, but some of them could be left by other companies who are trying to ‘fight’ their competition.
  • Overly descriptive reviews – reviews and comments that are too long and include a lot of details are probably fake. Just imagine how people would normally leave a comment, especially if it’s a positive one. Only people with extremely negative experiences will probably leave a detailed review to warn others.
  • Comments that are not saying anything – real people wouldn’t normally write too many details, but also they wouldn’t write a comment that is too general and unnatural. A comment that is not saying anything and includes a lot of unnatural language is probably not valid.
  • Multiple comments written at the same time – when trying to find valid reviews of NYC companies, people often forget to see when these comments were written. If you spot a couple of similarly written reviews with the same date – they are probably fake.
typing fake moving reviews

With so many fake comments online, you should be careful when trying to find valid reviews of NYC companies

A good moving company’s online image

It’s important to learn how to recognize a good company online, as well. If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to recognize a trustworthy company at first glance. A good moving company has a website that includes:

  • Simple and professional design – a good company always invests in high-quality web design, animation, and pictures.
  • Responsive pages – nowadays, it’s important to have a professionally programmed website that is fast and easy to use. If you have a lot of trouble using a website, you should probably avoid contacting the company itself.
  • Clear contact information – a reliable moving company will do it’s best to help you contact them. Therefore, they should present their phone, email address, and their physical address clearly on the website.
  • An active blog – again, a valid moving company should help its clients with useful NY moving tips on their blog and other interesting articles. Check the last time they posted on the blog – if it’s was a long time ago, the website is probably inactive so avoid reading the reviews you find there.

Look on trusted websites when trying to find valid reviews of NYC companies

When browsing moving companies, be sure to look in the right place. Use a reliable website that offers listings of good moving companies, so you know that you are looking in the right place. Also, be sure to check each company you like on websites like Moving Scam, to make sure they don’t belong to the list of fraudulent businesses.

Write the review after you move

To find valid reviews of NYC companies, it’s important to contribute to the community, too. Be sure to write a review after you relocate, so somebody else finds it helpful when they move. When writing a review about a moving company to be sure to:

  • Spell the company’s name correctly – since many moving companies have similar names, it’s important to write the company name correctly.
  • Describe your relocation – list basic information about your move – the location, size, and a number of your items, any special requirements, etc.
  • Give an honest rate – rate the services from 5 to 1 star, based on how satisfied you are. Be sure to be realistic and objective, so you can give a valid review.
  • Tell about your impressions – share any special positive or negative situations that happened, tell about your first impression, communication with the staff, etc. Write any information that you would find useful when trying to find valid reviews of NYC companies before. Be specific. For example, if moving experts help you relocate your office supplies, you can mention that detail.
write feedback so you can also find valid reviews of NYC companies when you need them

Be sure to write your own review and give feedback after you finish with relocation

As you can see, it’s tricky to find valid reviews of NYC companies since there are so many companies, comments, and clients. However, if you are careful and thorough enough – everything will be just right. You’ll easily find a company that can handle your move and provides you with affordable yet high-quality services.



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