Indiana is one of the states in the USA, and Indianapolis is the capital and the larger city there. Indiana has the population of 6,7 million. It is a beautiful country with the good education system and industry. So, if you want to move there, it could be a good idea. But, before that, you need to prepare for moving to Indiana. How to prepare, how much time will you need, what to learn before moving there? The answers to all these questions, you can find it here. So, let’s start. This is one type of preparation too.

Indiana - prepare for moving

Indianapolis, a beautiful city in Indiana full of opportunity.

Facts about Indiana to learn before moving

Before moving, you should learn things about this incredible state in America. It does not matter what is the reason for moving. The preparation is a key if you want stressless moving without unpleasant surprises.

Cost of living in Indiana

You should know all the facts, and this is one of the most important ones. How much money will you need there? If you want to prepare for your nationwide move in advance, that’s a smart idea. You should know what to expect. First, you have to buy or rent a place to live. For example, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis is $1,000 per month and the average monthly net salary is $2,470. Basic utilities are about $154 for 85m2 home, so costs of living are low. If you want to buy a home in Indiana, you should spend about $150,000. Now when you know the costs of living in Indiana, you can make a right decision.


What are the costs of living? Now when you know, you can start with preparation for moving. It is a time to make a decision.


Be prepared for hot and sunny summers and cold winters, because Indiana has a humid continental climate. If you want to prepare for moving to Indiana, then pack all your clothes. Winter jackets and t-shirts. Also, get your home and car insurance. Tornadoes are common, so check your insurance policies and if you need to change it, do it. Better safe than sorry.


The laws in Indiana are maybe different than in your home country. So, learn some of the most important rules if you want to live and work there.

  • Drivers’ license – you have 60 days after moving to Indiana to apply for drivers’ license. The process is fast and cheap.
  • Taxes – Indiana charges a state tax of 7%.
  • Registration for voting – You can do it online, send a mail or do it in person at county clerk’s office. Use your right to vote and vote.
  • Vehicle registration – When you become an Indiana resident, you have 60 days to register your vehicle. Prepare for moving to Indiana and make a moving checklist. That’s how you will not forget anything.

How to prepare for moving to Indiana?

The question is how to prepare and how much time will you need? You can’t pass this step. So, when are where to start? Follow our tips and you will not make a mistake.


Create a moving checklist before moving and you will be properly prepared and ready, for sure.

Hire moving company

As soon as you find out your moving day, you should hire a moving company and get some professional assistance for your upcoming move.  You will probably need them. But, before that, do your research. Check the company’s license and read their insurance policy. The best time to hire them is about 6-8 weeks before the moving day. This is one of the first steps to take. Of course, if you know the date 3 months before, for example, hire them immediately. You do not want to end up without movers.

Sort and clean

Go through each room in your home and decide what to keep, toss or donate. You should do that two months before moving. But, if you do not have so many items and furniture, then you can be finished faster. Make a rule, if you did not use that particular item 1 year, then get rid of it. This may save your money because you will need fewer boxes.

Start with packing

Many people think that they can pack their boxes within 1 week. Maybe they do, but usually, it takes a lot more. You can get emotional and you also have other obligations. Especially, if you have kids. So, start one month before the moving day. Pack few boxes per day, and the rest of the time you can spend with friends and family. Label all your boxes, wrap fragile items with bubble foil, and do not overdo a box. It can damage the items inside, and you do not want that, of course. Separate your valuables and also pack an essential box.

Transfer your documents to Indiana

Change of address, transferring school and medical records to Indiana, changing a bank…You need to transfer all your documents to Indiana. If you want to move your office there too, then you have more work to do. In that case, you should hire a counselor. If Indiana is not the best place for your business, then you can start a new life in NYC, for example. Consider all the options.

If your dream is to live in Indiana, then do it. Now you can, when you know how to prepare for moving to Indiana and some facts about this country. Do not expect to everything goes smooth. Moving can be so stressful, but with the right tips and a good preparation, you do not have a reason to worry. So, as you can see two months are enough for preparation if you are organized and if you have a plan. Good luck!

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