Living in New York has its bright sides. Many people, and enough of everything – cultural, music and movie events, parks, night clubs. A very lively city with active night and day life, a selection of companies, restaurants, and shops that go beyond your imagination. It’s got something for everybody. The city that never sleeps. But you do. So why not consider moving to Boise?

The crowd, costs of everyday life, the rush. It all has become just a little too much for you. You’re getting tired and grumpy. So you’re thinking about moving somewhere quieter, less crowded and even cheaper. Say no more. We’ve got a place for you. Welcome to Boise, Idaho. If you want to enjoy nature, but also have a diverse social life, without being stuck in traffic, then moving to Boise is a thing to do.

a wooden crate labeled fragile
Make sure to provide what you need to pack everything.

A city of diversities

Though considered to be a potato enthusiasts’ city, it surely won’t turn you into a couch potato. Here are some of its perks:

  • Rising population – Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America
  • It’s affordable – Despite its rising population, costs of living and rents are lower than in most of the parts of the USA
  • Lots of greenery ­–Lines of trees, beautiful parks with running, and jogging paths, and mountains surrounding the city. It is not called the city of trees for nothing.
  • Good transportation – The city has several options for transport: city busses, taxis, and ships. You’ll forget all about traffic jam
  • Entertainment for people of all ages – Outdoors activities, various events, a vibrant restaurant, wine, and beer scene, you name it.

Moving to Boise

Moving is a big decision. First of all, you’ll have to sit down and make a plan. Look for a place to live. Hire a moving company. Look for a job if you don’t have one already planned. Also, you’ll probably want to talk to your friends about the move and discuss the decision you made. Ask them what they think about it. Ask them for their help if needed.

A truck on a road moving to Boise
Hire professional movers.

Let’s start packing!

When it comes to packing your belongings, the right supplies are the first step to think about. Cardboard boxes, cartons, tape, whatever you need to keep your things intact and safe, make sure to ensure it in advance.

Not enough space? Not a problem

It may happen that you’re left with things that you don’t know where to put, due to a lack of space or something else. A smart option for extra items is to put them in portable storage while you come up with an idea where to place them.

Portable shipping containers for moving to Boise
Portable containers are an excellent option for temporary storage.


Moving to Boise from New York is a long way. You’ve tried to organize everything yourself, but it turns out you still need help? We’ve got your back. The professionals from are there for you, in every step of your moving process. Tell them your plans, and they will help you realize them.

To sum up

As we said before, there’s a growing number of people in Boise, and they mostly come from New York or California, for various reasons. So, if you’re still thinking about moving to Boise, and becoming one of its happy people, relaxing after the move, this city is ready to wish you a pleasant stay.

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