Have you dreamed of moving somewhere magical but worried about whether you’ll like it there? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. If Quebec is one of the places you are planning to move to, then you are on the right track. It would be great for you to get to know some of the attractions New Yorkers love in Quebec City to be prepared. We will go through some of them together.

Top attractions New Yorkers love in Quebec City

Quebec City is well known for its magnificent sights and many other beauties. Whether you are moving a business or it’s a residential relocation it doesn’t matter, you will like it here for sure. Beautiful landscapes that take everyone’s breath away will enchant you and make you want to stay here for the rest of your life. Let’s go through some of the favorite spots that tourists like to visit and see why they are so beloved.

A picture of Quebec during winter.
There are many attractions New Yorkers love in Quebec City.

#Old Quebec Stroll

If you take a walk in the old part of Quebec City, you will find yourself in one of the oldest parts of North America. Fortified walls and magical views will forever be etched in your memory as the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. A visit to this part will allow you to see the areas protected by UNESCO, they are that much important.

#Montmorency falls

If you knew how beautiful this place is you would immediately contact companies like centennialmoving.ca and move here as soon as possible. These waterfalls are 30m higher than Niagara falls and offer an unforgettable experience that you will love forever. Cross the old bridge and access one of the most beautiful places on earth. There you have the opportunity to take a gondola ride with your family and enjoy the beautiful nature. You will surely take pictures of everything quite a few times.

#Jacques-Cartier National Park

Beautiful mountains between which hides a river bordered by green valleys is a real paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. This place offers beauty in its full glory. If you are a fan of hiking, this is the place for you. You can also rent a kayak and ride the beautiful river. If you are moving with children then this is the place for you.

#Île d’Orléans

Have you ever had the opportunity to hang out with artisans of various kinds? Probably not. This place offers you that. You will be able to walk through parts full of preserved houses and see the beauty of former history preserved in the best possible way. Once you get here grab and try some of the tastiest food samples ever. There is a great variety of products that you will be able to find here.

A picturesque waterfall in Quebec.
Quebec is a beautiful place.

#Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Are you a museum buff? Then this place is made for you. Visit this magnificent building and take a look at some of the most important well-preserved exhibits. This institution has about 40,000 preserved exhibits that make up the cultural heritage of this country from the 17th century until today. People’s favorite is undoubtedly the Lassonde Pavilion, which represents the most beautiful thing that architecture can offer without a doubt. So that you would never be bored, this place also offers workshops for children where you can have fun together with your family.

#Village Vacances Valcartier

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting attractions New Yorkers love in Quebec City is this magnificent aqua park that guarantees a lot of fun and quality time with your family. The outdoor park offers 35 slides that you can enjoy during the summer, and when it’s winter, the inner part offers 14 slides that will entertain you and your children a lot. Also, when it snows, there is a part of the playground specially dedicated to winter activities. There you will be able to go down the hill together with the children and make as much snow as you want.

Tips on how to move more easily

Don’t let relocation issues spoil your enjoyment of Quebec City. Listen to good advice and settle in with expert help that will make everything go much smoother. Fast relocation is what you should strive for. This is best achieved by being well organized and ready for challenges.

moving to see attractions New Yorkers love in Quebec City
Moving is actually a lot of fun!

Of course, the goal of every move is to be as economical as possible, but also as efficient as possible. In order to achieve that here are a few tips that might be helpful while preparing for the move:

  • Do a purge; Have you ever wanted to get rid of unnecessary things? Moving is the right time for that. Take a large box and go through every room in the house. Put in the box everything you think you won’t need. Later, decide if you throw everything in the trash or if something can be sold on the Internet.
  • Pack properly; Don’t waste money on new boxes. Find a furniture store near you and ask them if they have any they don’t need. Tape those boxes that are torn and use them as well. When packing, do not leave empty space to avoid something breaking or tearing.
  • Have a bag of essentials; Don’t let yourself need something in the middle of the road and it’s packed with other things. It would be best to separate one smaller bag and put everything you might need in it, such as clothes, medicine, food, etc.

Moving shouldn’t be too difficult if you think ahead and know what you are doing.


There is no need for moving to be demanding and stressful. It’s all about good organization and planning ahead. Don’t let anything spoil your Quebec experience. There are plenty of attractions New Yorkers love in Quebec City so you are not wrong about coming here. With a little help from your friends and some luck, you will relocate without any problems.

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