What Is Preconstruction? Activities, Checklist & More

When it comes to commercial property construction, there are many misconceptions regarding what precedes the actual construction. Most people who don’t know much about construction believe that work begins by clearing the construction site. However, before that can happen, the preconstruction phase must occur. To help you better understand how our commercial construction projects unfold, we will explain what preconstruction is. We will also cover activities, checklists & more so that you can understand how to bring your project to life.

What is Preconstruction?

In any significant construction project, preconstruction is a preliminary stage of project planning. Here clients can receive a proper review of their project, see how it will be conducted, and when they can expect it to finish. Usually, there is a team of construction managers who can offer their expertise through the delivery process of your project. 

Many fail to realize that preconstruc…

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